Tuesday, March 16, 2010

laverton markets

this is my first time blogging oh how fun.......... saturday, 13th march if you’ve never been to the laverton markets in laverton, vic of course, you are missing an adventure, Rubble & Riches Market .....i often try and get in early to nab up any good bargains i can find, this morning i was on the hunt for old bird cages, silver plater’s and frames, i love strolling around watching people frantically searching through piles of odd bits and pieces, it makes for excitement. i noticed this morning the different aromas wafting round, people freshly showered (i love it) some drowning themselves in perfume you can smell them miles away (get me away from here) and loads of smokers (cough cough) no it’s not that bad.......hot dogs stands, coffee stands (hello) was such a lovely morning i came home with 1 tray, 2 frames, 2 birdcages, map book, bike for my son zeke and a box of chalk all for under $35.00 thank you laverton. might see you next week.