Friday, July 12, 2013

you may have seen my headboard in a blogpost back in feb.......

i love love love it.......and these are something that i'll be making to order with a few colours in the mix
some of which will be
- yellow
- white
- black
- red
- grey
im going to make myself a white one with either black, silver or gold domes { not sure which yet }
im getting my mojo back and getting my teeth stuck into somethings really helps, im disappointed i've only done 6 blogposts this year, but im choosing to shake it off and keep on keeping on........
if you read or flick through this blog { what do you want to see???? }

thought id finish with a cheeky photo of my wee man { who bring so much joy } love him to bits

thanks for stopping by
smooch lisa xx