Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a weekend full of fun

what a crazy fun busy weekend, our weekend started on fri where we took my parents for a drive around the peninsula, this is melbourne from arthur's seat, very cool views up there
then it was off to sorrento for fish 'n' chips on the beach and the day was beautiful
zeke loved feeding the birds his left over chippies
mum and dad strolling along, and zeke had fun jumping off the bank into the sand
and last photo, zeke fishing with dad and grandad off the wharf in mornington, first time
don't you just love first's??????
also we had a great day at flemington markets {no photos sorry}
hope you all had a great weekend lisa xx

ps. is everyone else addicted to the block????

Monday, June 20, 2011

point + shoot : family

here zekky is helping feed our beautiful new nephew jet, he is so gentle with him and of course wants to touch/hold/pat and blow his nose all the time {too cute}
we had just been up the road for a baby chino {evidence all over his face}
and i had to sneek this photo in this is grandad {my dad} showing zeke how to spin the spinney top they bought him, it's really cool and lights up and of course zeke doesn't let it finish he
just has to stop it and ask grandad to do it again and again and again
we have been busy with family and loads of visitors {which i love}
hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and are keeping warm
lisa xx
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new hair doo

not a great photo i know.........actually sick in a hotel room and hubbs thought {camera time}
eeeekkkkkkk and no makeup {thanks babe}
but i wanted to use it to show you the colour.......
as some of you may know i'm a hairdresser and get nervous trying to find a new hairdresser
but mumma wanted a new colour and thought i'd try and find a salon

well i found a salon hartfords hairdressing at bentons square shopping centre in mornington, they were fantastic they listened to what i wanted, they were all friendly and genuinely interested in what i was getting done

i was there for 7 hours {thats what happens when you want to go lighter} and you've been colouring your hair black for quite some years, kate and gary worked their magic, so we are at stage one as we wanted the healthiest option for my hair.....
also not that good a photo few wines and using phone here.....oh dear

i hope you've all had a great long weekend and just wanted to share my fab experience in a salon
i'll post more progress photos as we go along
sleep tight lisa xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

shout out......

this post is a little shout out for a new blog on the block FABRaiCATIONS {hubbs new business venture}
if anyone of you are into cars or your partners are into cars this will be a blog for you
it will keep you updated with different projects and what's happening throughout victoria
car meets
car shows
and loads more
FABRaiCATIONS have just done their first ever post and look forward to being apart of the blogging community
have a great thursday everyone
lisa xx

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

madeit find + mushrooms

my first madeit find in a while are these gorgeous button mushroom invitations {hand designed tree hugging stationary} i think they are adorable and very unique.....they are from 'little house of limes' {love the name too}

+ few pics of mushrooms
feels a little funny being back cause it's been so long, anyway i hope your all having a wonderful week
and tell me do you like mushrooms?????
at the moment i'm loving chicken/mushroom/spinach ednchiladas from lenards with a blob of
sour cream.....yummy
lisa xx
images via here

Monday, June 6, 2011

hip hip hooray!!!!!

yay i'm finally back {with a new internet connection} i have felt like i've been in the dark ages, wondering whats been happening in all of your worlds, i'm amazed at how much i needed the internet

ledamae facebook page
facebook {hehehe}
internet banking
and the list goes on

i have missed you all and look forward to catching up over the next few weeks
some of the things that have happened over the last month + a bit

new nephew born last week {jet hudson gardner}
found a recycle centre
camping in nagambie with the kneen's
visit to box stallion winery
hotel in the city with hubbs {sick}
flemington markets
loads of opp shopping
discovered gunamatta beach
overnight stay with lizzy
starting another business
started blog for hubbs new work
new bedbase {not on the floor anymore}
started journalling again
visit to mitchelton winery
bacon eggs + harsh browns every week
dinner with zeke's friend zara
peninsula hot springs
3 doctors appointments for zeke's cough
reading crazy love + kitty
movie + lunch date with hubbs
visit to alpaca farm
5 lunch dates with friends
fab day with lissie
inlaws came to stay
doing an interiors job
loads of self reflection
swapped summer clothes for winter
spray painting stuff
and the list could keep going but thats it in a nutshell.....
thanks for all the lovely messages and help re: internet connections to use etc

i hope you've all had a great weekend and again i'm really looking forward to popping into your blogs big smooch lisa xx

image via here