Saturday, November 23, 2013

albert park food + wine festival {taste of melbourne}

if you've never been before you are missing out.......
the food is amazing
music playing
good wine
great company
hubbs {greg loves it, its his thing } this year we booked a hotel in st. kilda within walking
distance so we could both have a few drinks we truly had the best day and hubbs was in
heaven with his pork belly so yummy with the infusion of amazing fresh herbs etc
we a diffidently going next year | who else want to come???

our lovely lissie org the tickets in advance which is a whole lot cheaper thanks lissie!!!!!
later we caught the tram into chapel st and had some more yummy food, its always nice
going into the city and being in the hustle and bustle but its nice to leave too
then we had an impromptu brekkie with the lovely kade and sarah at the ali in south

then picked up our girlfriend amy who arrived from auckland {nz} for a photography course
we just had the best weekend celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary {the weekend before}
it will be 13 years this monday the 25th, wow its gone so fast and i love him way more hehe
i honestly never thought marriage would be as good as it is......
smooch to whoever is reading this lisa xx

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

wee holiday to inverloch me + my boys....

we had the best 4 nights away in inverloch at "the shack" i had to take a photo of the above, zeke was laying there in la la land daydreaming, he didnt even notice me taking this photo ...
we did a whole lot of nothing, sleep ins | reading | movie night | wine in front of the fire | dinners together | snoozes through the day | walks to the beach and a highlight was a whole day in our pj's sssssoooooo much fun and so needed by us all.......
big shout out and thanks to the watsons { home away from home }

love my boys......
hehehehe greg { hubbs } would kill me if he knew i was putting the photo of him
mucking around posing love that man.....
hope you all had a fab weekend too and a big whoop whoop for day light savings
smooch lisa

Monday, September 16, 2013

screenprinting fun at harvesttextiles

recently i attended a 4 day course at harvesttextiles in brunswick......
i L-O-V-E-D it, i truly enjoyed every moment, we drew, cut out our stencils
got to mix colours and i loved learning how to make a repeat pattern
i've been wanted to do this for quite a few years, i use so many fabrics in my artwork
i thought how cool would it be to use my own fabrics

the course was fantastic i learnt so so much and the girls are all so lovely, they were so accommodating
and just wanted everyone to experiment and have fun and gave you loads of time to
paint your things on fabric
so i think everyone this year will be getting tea towels or pillowcases for christmas hehehe
we are on the couch today, zeke decided it was a jammie day so he's still in his jim jams
its raining so the heaters on and a movie......
smooch lisa

Monday, September 2, 2013

zeke's first trip to the snow........

how was your weekend????
what did you get up too?????
we went on a road trip with the popps {popplewell family} to lake mountain, we had so much fun
zeke hasn't been to the snow yet so we snuck a quick trip in...........there wasn't much snow
but for the kids FUN!!!!! and for me {sssshhhhhhhhh hehe}
we went tobogganing, went for a walk to find some real snow {not man made} the walk was
so much fun / kids were going on an adventure whoop whoop, we made a snow man and
threw snow balls at each other, mark popps whipped up some hot moroccon soup in the car
park..........funnest day in a long time
driving through all the beautiful trees and all the green ferns, was seriously like we were
driving through nz, so green and lush.....
then we came to marysville, it was emotional and yup i had a few tears, the trees went from lush to
all burnt from the devastating fires, seeing new houses built......
we saw it on tv it was in the news etc but seeing it with your own eyes, my heart ached for
the families / community involved in the devastation....
here are some more photos of our road trip to the snow
if anyone reading this lives in melbourne how beautiful was the weather today???
have a wonderful week
smooch lisa

Thursday, August 15, 2013

few things i've been up too........

i've well in truly got my mojo back {yay bought time hehehe}
loving being out in my studio, painting, sewing, spray painting......
getting ready for the markets, first one starting back at the red hill markets
in sept........loads of new things which is exciting, yippee
here are a few pics of what's been going on
hope everyone is having a wonderful week
we have a social weekend which will be lovely catching up
with friends smooch to all lisa xx

Thursday, August 1, 2013

quick trip to nz to meet audrey grace!!!!!!

how delish is she??????
me and my brother popped over to nz to meet our new little niece "AUDREY GRACE"......
i just adore her name, after my nana "Audrey Mae Bogue"
here are a few pics of my beautiful niece's and nephew........everytime i go and see them
we always have a tea party, this time we went out shopping to get what we needed
so much fun, i enjoy it just as much as they do...
and this time little judah got to enjoy the goods....

love this family oddles......
was so good seeing them all, and dad made the best laksa, mum made beautiful chicken curry
and it was so good seeing my grandad again....and for seeing some lovely friends faces
hope your all having a great week
smooch lisa

Friday, July 12, 2013

you may have seen my headboard in a blogpost back in feb.......

i love love love it.......and these are something that i'll be making to order with a few colours in the mix
some of which will be
- yellow
- white
- black
- red
- grey
im going to make myself a white one with either black, silver or gold domes { not sure which yet }
im getting my mojo back and getting my teeth stuck into somethings really helps, im disappointed i've only done 6 blogposts this year, but im choosing to shake it off and keep on keeping on........
if you read or flick through this blog { what do you want to see???? }

thought id finish with a cheeky photo of my wee man { who bring so much joy } love him to bits

thanks for stopping by
smooch lisa xx

Monday, May 27, 2013

in my world.......

how has your world been the past few weeks?????
have you learnt anything new about yourself????
i'm always on a discovery about myself and love self reflection, it can totally be hard at times
but i'm often amazed at what i find out about myself some not so great and some great.
but isn't that what life is about learning to be a better you??? in whichever way that means {FOR YOU}
to be honest its been a struggle the past few months and i find it hard when i'm not even sure why
i'm feeling like i am, but after a wee moment last week, things came to a head for me and i saw a glimpse of sunshine peeking through the clouds, i've lost myself {somewhere}
for me that means i've lost some direction, i need to stop feeling guilty if i don't have the time to 
help someone else, its not selfish having me time, and to be still and in the moment.....
i've been so busy {BUT BUSY DOING WHAT} not too sure just busy
i've had a wonderful restful weekend with a very dear friend and had some fab friends through 
the week drop little gems into my world which i'm so grateful for...
and my mr. is amazing and so patient {thank goodness} i do my own head in hehehhehe
soooooooo some much needed time in my studio last week was wonderful i love making and
creating and i feel so happy doing what i do......
thanks for stopping by, i do love blogging and sharing anything and everything....
above is a photo of my LOVE print from madebygirl in new york, i've wanted it for sometime 
its delish in gold.....i got from my boys for mothers day
and here are a few other pics
hope all who read this have a wonderful week and if i haven't seen you for a while lets lock in 
a time to catch up......
smooch to all and i'm going to have a fab week too 
lisa xx