Monday, May 27, 2013

in my world.......

how has your world been the past few weeks?????
have you learnt anything new about yourself????
i'm always on a discovery about myself and love self reflection, it can totally be hard at times
but i'm often amazed at what i find out about myself some not so great and some great.
but isn't that what life is about learning to be a better you??? in whichever way that means {FOR YOU}
to be honest its been a struggle the past few months and i find it hard when i'm not even sure why
i'm feeling like i am, but after a wee moment last week, things came to a head for me and i saw a glimpse of sunshine peeking through the clouds, i've lost myself {somewhere}
for me that means i've lost some direction, i need to stop feeling guilty if i don't have the time to 
help someone else, its not selfish having me time, and to be still and in the moment.....
i've been so busy {BUT BUSY DOING WHAT} not too sure just busy
i've had a wonderful restful weekend with a very dear friend and had some fab friends through 
the week drop little gems into my world which i'm so grateful for...
and my mr. is amazing and so patient {thank goodness} i do my own head in hehehhehe
soooooooo some much needed time in my studio last week was wonderful i love making and
creating and i feel so happy doing what i do......
thanks for stopping by, i do love blogging and sharing anything and everything....
above is a photo of my LOVE print from madebygirl in new york, i've wanted it for sometime 
its delish in gold.....i got from my boys for mothers day
and here are a few other pics
hope all who read this have a wonderful week and if i haven't seen you for a while lets lock in 
a time to catch up......
smooch to all and i'm going to have a fab week too 
lisa xx