Monday, August 27, 2012

few randoms of my studio

how was your weekend?????
we had a good but busy one, i love it when its busy but flows well, sat morning we met zekes little
friend fletcher at aqua in dromana {fantastic cafe with a playground} so the adults got to sit
around chatting with yummy food together, it was so great i wasn't ready to
leave after 3 hours hehehehe
then dinner at andrew + ivanas......yummest butter chicken i've had in ages, then it was the
red hill vintage market on sunday, so good meeting new people and being involved bek
and i did it together and she killed it whoop whoop

+ sneek peak at my studio

thanks for stopping by for all of you who went to work today
hope it was a great start to the week
smooch lisa xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 chaplaincy dinner @ the hyatt

very blurry but was the best of the lot and i really wanted to put it up..........
wow what a night a group of us were invited by the lovely brooks to come to this event at the hyatt
last night, it was about chaplaincy in schools access ministries.......
as i spent time listening to what it was about and the help they do give, it got me thinking about
when i was at school....
i don't remember having anyone at school to talk to {other than your friends and half the time i think we lead each other astray} and wondered if some of the decisions i had made would of been any different having a {go to person through school to talk to}....
what did you have at your schools??????
and did you find it useful?????
it makes me think about it more too having a little person who will be off to school in the
near future, and knowing that he's not always going to come to us for advice so who will be the person/people he talks to?????  
they will impact him massively 

+ few more photos of the night

was such a great night, apollo astronaut charlie duke spoke {made my eyes go shiny} just listening to his story too cool.........
the food was soooooooo yummy and the company was even better, 
thanks to muz for driving us all in from the peninsula
and loved the discussions on our little journey too......
hope your all having a wonderful tuesday
what happened on your monday night????
smooch lisa xx

Saturday, August 18, 2012

few changes @ the vintage shed + few more cushions

wow what a week sorry for not being around, mumma was a little unwell and decided to take it easy...
which gave me a chance to get some photos onto the computer to show you what we've done at the vintage shed......
we moved into a new stall {right next door} mind you and am loving being up against the wall
here are a few photos just cause
loving the new space pop on in and have a noisey

+ few new cushions am loving the fluro

 hope your all having a chillax this weekend, what are you doing????
 i've just been sipping on miso soup {yumm yumm} and chillaxing with my boys
 smooch to all and catch you next week lisa xx

Thursday, August 9, 2012

madeit find + bunting

my madeit find this week is the cute fabric card from rabbit and me with bunting on it......
always nice getting a card in the mail, handwritten notes/messages are always
a pleasure pop in and have a look at some of the other cards too

+ bunting

+ my fav just cause of the way it makes me feel, i love everything about it

have a wonderful day....
the weather here is a bit crazy raining, hail, windy then sunshine
gotta love melbourne weather hehehehe
smooch lisa xx

images via here

Monday, August 6, 2012

girls weekend away @ the shack

what a fantastic girls weekend away.......
the lovely liane org their holiday home in inverloch for a bunch of us girls to let our hair down
and enjoy a weekend away from home, and it was truly a wonderful time....
check out the shack here

we had delish nibbly food
we had the music going
we had sleep ins
we had strolls along the beach
we had nanna naps
we had yummo wine
we had great mags to flick through
we had little fashion show
we had giggles
we had nursing advice
we had the yummest meal cooked for us
we had loads of jumping around and dancing
we had some tears {good tears}
we had fun playing hairdresser
we had trip to the coffee shop
we had long in depth chats
we had fun getting the fire started
we had times of sharing and listening
we had SO MUCH FUN i lost my voice!!!!!!!

+ my last photo is the cool outdoor shower {the view from my room}
   i lay in bed and just had to take a pic

so much fun had........

my highlight
being in a group of girls that are so different and it worked so well.......feeling the love
my low point 
having to leave hehehehe { i wasn't the only one }

of course i have loads more photos hope you enjoyed a snippet
so many cool memories and can't wait till the next one.....
we often go around the table at our house and share our highlight for the day
{ such a great thing to get into spec with your children }
anyway i could keep raving how wonderful my weekend was how was yours??????
smooch lisa xx

Thursday, August 2, 2012

madeit find: + chevron

yay a madeit find this beautiful chevron print fold over clutch in grey from sewinspired handmade { cool name } too........
i love clutches and i love chevron print.....just gorge check it out here

+ some more chevron print

+ my fav

how cute is this pic?????
i just love cats, are you a cat or dog person????
thanks for browsing through the line up enjoy your weekend
i'm off for a girls weekend whoop whoop can't wait { photos to come }
smooch lisa

images via here