Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what a week phew + our new neighborhood

wow what a week......thank you all so much for your lovely comments, feeling much better and yes i did get around to having a glass of bubbles......
well as fast as the house sold, we are on the move, how good does the picture above look???? this is our new neighborhood, we will be renting for a while and investigate what we will do next either a reno or building again......
i can't wait to stroll down the beach, our new rental is a 5 min walk from the beach yay....
a very dear friend introduced us to mornington about 5 years ago and we loved it, i'm also looking forward to siffting through all the opp shops she's taken me to and the winery's oh yes loads and loads of winery's.....
so we move in 2 and a half weeks, and downsizing dramatically, so i'm ebaying like crazy and being ruthless, it's quite invigorating, hope you are all having a great week i've been missing blogging of late and yes you will see me again this week
lisa xox

Thursday, September 23, 2010

our house has SOLD!!!!

sorry for my lack of blogging this week, it has been all systems go around here, we have sold our house and have 3 weeks to find a new place to live........mornington here we come!!!!!
i'm nervous and excited all in one, do you know what this feels like???? it's such a crazy feeling, not quite sure where my head has been the last week, it was a week ago yesterday that we had an unconditional offer on the house and a week later the deposit has gone through and the sold sticker is up...........i couldn't even have some bubbles to celebrate, i spent all day in bed sick........
{it's slowly sinking in} i'm going to miss this house we built, but need to look forward to our next adventure........hope you are all having a lovely week.......
lisa xox

Thursday, September 16, 2010

madeit find : + cherries

on madeit this morning i came across this very cute little re-useable oil cloth lunch sack/bag with cherries on it......how cute, you can find these over at edan rose, i love that they are eco-friendly, durable and very functional, they have loads of different colours and styles of fabric too.....
looking forward to yummy cherries over summer, yummy
isn't this last picture so so cute?????
images from edan rose and here
lisa xox

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

finally my purchase's from the reed gift fair's

it's taken me a wee while to get these photos up sorry, after the brisbane gift fair i had a few ladies say "look forward to the photo's".......so finally here are a few,
i'm completely obsessed with ceramics and do need to stop, i just love having other peoples creations in my home and i love the stories that are behind a purchase....
so those are a few photos of some of my purchases from the gift fair, i did also get a teal fame, another cross, baby shower gifts, ducky umbrella for zekky and all my 'have you met miss jones' things ....i think next year i'll save before hand and do some christmas shopping also, i love it when they sell off the stand at the end......hope everyone is having a lovely wednesday
lisa xox

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

refresh beauty therapy

refresh beauty therapy is a new blog to blogland, a very dear friend sarah is the lady behind refresh, she has all this amazing knowledge when it comes to skincare, food groups, etc......
i often wondered how she knew all this stuff, but i think when your passionate about something it flows from you, everyweek i seem to learn something new from her posts etc and think it's amazing having someone share all the things we don't know about.....thanks sarah!!!!
i know how you all made me feel when i started blogging and if you haven't seen her blog yet pop over and say hi here.....have an amazing day, the sun is shining here in melbourne today and i feel alive.....BLISS
lisa xox

Monday, September 13, 2010

point + shoot : food and friends

wow it's been a very long time since i did a point + shoot, i forgot how much fun it is...........
we had such a lovely time yesterday arvo, our very dear friends org an impromptu dinner, pork, lamb potatoes on the webber (yum yum)
for a starter look at what my girlfriend sylvia made, saganaki {never tryed it before, oh so yummy}       homemade tomato chutney, home grown and made olives, sesame bread sticks and it was DELICIOUS micheal and sylvia are both such amazing cooks and know what foods go with what......and i love that their pantry and fridge are fulled with so many homemade produce, they are both polish and their food always seems taster than mine......let's just say if your invited for dinner/lunch or breakfast you don't want to say no!!!!
any yummy food devoured or new recipe's this weekend??????
join in on point +shoot here 
lisa xox 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

madeit find : + cherry blossoms

my madeit find this week is the very adorable cherry blossom brooch from lucky dip, i love it with the wooden flower motif behind it........
and i am the hugest fan when it comes to cherry blossoms, i use it often in my artwork and when we get our next house i would love to plant some, they are so beautiful and magical....it is the time of year for them, our plum tree has blossoms all over it, and how lovely driving down tree lined streets with cherry blossoms........have you seen any this season, i searched for some pics and i loved all of these i had to add them all, enjoy.......... whats your favourite picture?????

have a wonderful friday, and i hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as i did finding them
images via here

lisa xox

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful knitwear

oh yes beautiful knitwear in one of my favorite colours at the moment........
the very lovely kimberley who comes to visit my ledamae stall at the flemington markets popped in a few months ago, her very cute little man had some gorgeous little gloves on, when i asked where she got them she said she made them......i immediately asked if she sells them, to my delight she said she would be happy to make my little zekky some, so i asked if i could get a scarf to match.......
i took a close up photo so you could see how perfect they have been knitted, a very talented lady thanks so much kimberley {if anyone else would be interested in a set, let me know i have kimberley's details}
i love meeting new and creative/crafty people, and to think i remembered kimberley because my first ever market she bought a little canvas from me........did anyone else purchase some lovely knitwear through the winter??????
hope everyone is having a lovely wednesday
lisa  xox

Sunday, September 5, 2010


happy fathers day to all the fathers out there.......and for the amazing fathers that have past......
this is a little post for my wonderful father whom i love very much.....
he constantly challenges me and motivates me in everything i do, he's a provider, protector, giver and so much more, one thing is for sure, you can tell he loves us kids.....
everyday i'm thankful for my dad and my mum, and feel privileged to be apart of their lives, thanks dad for being you love you loads and loads...........your lisa mae xox

Thursday, September 2, 2010

madeit find : cassette

today on madeit, this image popped up on the home page........i was immediately drawn to it and everything thing it made me think of.......
this very cool mixtape love necklace by osier, isn't it the coolest necklace and i love their story "this necklace is handmade in the spirit of all those mixtapes you made in highschool for your crust, who never really appreciated the secret lyrical messages as much as you'd have liked them to". 
very very cool osier!!!!!
tell me did you ever make a mixed tape????? and do any of you still listen to tapes?????
lisa xox