Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beautiful knitwear

oh yes beautiful knitwear in one of my favorite colours at the moment........
the very lovely kimberley who comes to visit my ledamae stall at the flemington markets popped in a few months ago, her very cute little man had some gorgeous little gloves on, when i asked where she got them she said she made them......i immediately asked if she sells them, to my delight she said she would be happy to make my little zekky some, so i asked if i could get a scarf to match.......
i took a close up photo so you could see how perfect they have been knitted, a very talented lady thanks so much kimberley {if anyone else would be interested in a set, let me know i have kimberley's details}
i love meeting new and creative/crafty people, and to think i remembered kimberley because my first ever market she bought a little canvas from me........did anyone else purchase some lovely knitwear through the winter??????
hope everyone is having a lovely wednesday
lisa  xox

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  1. That is so pretty and cozy:) And what a cutie...:) Zekky is adorable:)
    Hope you are having a great day,sweetie


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