Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what a week phew + our new neighborhood

wow what a week......thank you all so much for your lovely comments, feeling much better and yes i did get around to having a glass of bubbles......
well as fast as the house sold, we are on the move, how good does the picture above look???? this is our new neighborhood, we will be renting for a while and investigate what we will do next either a reno or building again......
i can't wait to stroll down the beach, our new rental is a 5 min walk from the beach yay....
a very dear friend introduced us to mornington about 5 years ago and we loved it, i'm also looking forward to siffting through all the opp shops she's taken me to and the winery's oh yes loads and loads of winery's.....
so we move in 2 and a half weeks, and downsizing dramatically, so i'm ebaying like crazy and being ruthless, it's quite invigorating, hope you are all having a great week i've been missing blogging of late and yes you will see me again this week
lisa xox


  1. That looks amazing..You are going to have such a great time by the beach:) Have fun packing up and see you later,sweetie

  2. Looks lovely,so glad you found somewhere to rent so quickly, enjoy your sea change!!

  3. what a gorgeous new lifestyle you will have. hope the move goes smoothly.

  4. How exciting! Hope all the moving goes smoothly - your new suburb looks lovely and how wonderful to be so close to the water!


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