Thursday, April 28, 2011

my bag i won arrived today.......YAY

this very very cool bag i won from mccarthy designs arrived today....YAY
just wanted to say thanks again to nellie i'm super excited and can't wait to use it, she also sent
me this adorable card {love it}

+ these beautiful flowers my neighbour flow bought over, she is so lovely, we live in a unit of 8 and we are the young ones, and they all love having a little person living near them......can you imagine what zeke gets given and how he can do no wrong, hehehehe
i just love older people and their stories bill and flow have been in their unit for 28 years now {so cute} i pop over and give them muffins, biscuits and she comes over with lemons and beautiful flowers......i had to put these ones beside my bed {simple for me}
have a fabulous weekend and do something lovely simply for you
lisa xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

happenings in my world {zeke's birthday} + T4

my little man zeke turned 3 on saturday 03-04-2008, it has gone by so so fast it's not funny

i've loved every moment with him and feel truely blessed to have him in my life
my life is richer for having him in it..........

now i do feel a wee bit like an unorganized mum, we had his party on sunday and i got NO photos....
how bad is that!!!!!
i went around afterwards and took some photos and edited bits out so it looks a wee bit nice,
everything is on the video which will be great to watch but have no idea how to get any of it on here are a few photos
i had fun with the food, and am disappointed i didn't take photos, we did on white spoons mango salsa with prawns and coriander, asian salad with crunchy noodles and sesame seeds in noodle boxes and individual triffles above......
and it was fun watching zeke jumping on his new trampoline and having fun with the other kids

+ T4
am totally thankful 4 my boy and having the pleasure of the past 3 years with him....he is my little dude

if you'd like to join feel free, link in below have a fantastic thursday
lisa xx

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

madeit find : + gingham

how cute is my madeit find this week????? gingham boots from little ray they can also be ordered with non-slip soles {great idea} pop in and have a noisy.......

+ some gingham
hope you all had a wonderful easter and got to do some chillaxing, have a stupendous wednesday
lisa xx

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

easter childhood memories

if you haven't been over to the lovely sarah at molly's maison, then i suggust you do, it is full of delightful things.......
in sarah's last post here, she wished everyone a happy easter and shared a childhood memory I LOVED IT......

+ it got me thinking about some of my easter childhood are a few

- fejoas remind me of easter, {not sure if any of you know what they are} they are a fruit
  and we used to stay at our cousins who had fejoa trees as a hedge....there where loads

- when me and my cousin renee were bought an easter egg she gobbled hers up straight away, i decided
  to save mine {like i often do with chocolate} and on the way home in the van with all my cousins
  including renee 7 of us in total mum made me share it with everyone {so we all got a tiny bit each} i
  was gutted {my cousin loved it she got extra}

- i always loved easter because we were always around family {our cousins} we were all really
  close and all had the best time together, mum and dad would go to a church convention and us kids
  just got up to no good and it was loads of fun

thanks so much sarah for this post
hope everyone is having a great easter and would love to hear what your childhood memories are!!!!!
lisa xx

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happenings in my world + T4

something i've collected this week is this very cool plant pot, a gaint teacup, how cool is it?????
the saucer is actually attached with a hole at the bottom of the cup for drainage I LOVE IT.............
so me and zeke went off to bunnings to fill it with something colourful {couldn't go past the yellow of course}............
i have it sitting on the outdoor table, it was cheap and in a shop you would least expect, i think i'm going to go and buy some more, this one is charcoal and they did have black too.......

+ T4
this week i'm thankful 4 wipes {wet wipes} i know as a mummy we have them everywhere and thank goodness for that, my little man decided to put his hand in his poo the other day {i heard ya YUCKY} and i'm so glad the wipes were right there......could of been a disaster......

what have you been up to?????? + what are you thankful 4 this week?????

if you'd like to join in your welcome just link in below, or have a little giggle go on hehehehe
this weeks T4 was pretty funny!!!!!

madeit find : + hearts

my madeit find this week are these delicious looking spicy home-made ginerbread cookies from kate's cookies, the icing looks perfect doesn't it??????

+ some more hearts
hope you have a trilling wednesday......
any fun plans?????
lisa xx

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

omg...........i won i won

i know you've seen this picture on my blog before about a giveaway.............
well now i'm posting it because I WON IT, i'm so so so thrilled, i really really wanted to win
it and i did, my first win on blogland, hopefully i can stay on a roll hehehe

a big thank you and shout out to the wonderful nellie at mccarthy designs, i loved being involved in this giveaway thanks nellie

have a wonderful night everyone lisa xx

Monday, April 18, 2011

point + shoot : sorrento

we have had a busy weekend weekend, gregs parents are here from nz for 10 days......
so on saturday we drove to sorrento and had the famous vanilla slice with a coffee delicious.....
zeke is running around saying "poppa, poppa, nannie" very cute

and i thought i'd sneek in a photo of the beautiful roses my lovely neighbour flow bought over fresh from her spoilt and they smell insane
also we had a great day at the flemington markets yesterday.....was such a beautiful day, one thing a customer said to me yesterday was that my stall felt very tranquil, and relaxing {yay to feel relaxed while shopping}
hope you all had a great weekend, apologies' this is a little late in the day lisa xx

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happenings in my world + T4

i seem to always have something on the go either sewing, painting, cooking doing a diy
and of course i'm very very noisy and love to know what everyone else is up too in their world
either work, home or holidaying so thought id add this into this blogpost.......

i've been seeing this chevron pattern EVERYWHERE cushions, rugs, fabric you name it
it's so simple and i love it......i've had this canvas for about 3 years and thought why not paint the pattern myself so i taped it up and away i painted.....

don't look too close it's not even....although i do love that it's not perfect
{ps how cute is the little girl on the swing????}

+ this week i'm thankful 4 beautiful flowers, my very dear girlfriend kellie bought me a bunch of flowers and they are now in full bloom and are beautiful also every friday over at molly's maison sarah posts photos of all the beautiful flowers in her garden {pop over and have a browse}

what's been happening in your world????
what are you thankful 4 this week?????

if you would like to join in your most welcome just link it back to here
lisa xx

madeit find : + vintage bikes

my madeit find this week is this delightful ring with a vintage bike on it from petespatch........too cute and oh so affordable

+ some more vintage bikes
i would love a vintage bike with a basket on the front.....i have been scouting ebay off and on
so hopefully i'll have one for summer, have a successful wednesday lisa xx

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Monday, April 11, 2011

giveaway over @ mccarthy designs

who wouldn't want to win this fantastic bag???????
nellie over at mccarthy designs is having a giveaway, she recently went on a little trip to mudgee
and has some fantastic photos which you can check out here + enter the giveaway.....
i have my fingers and toes crossed, hope you've all had a great start to the week
lisa xx

point + shoot : my two boys

i can't believe i took NO photos this weekend. so i hope you don't mind but this one is through the week { i didn't want to miss out on point + shoot }

i love this photo.....capturing a moment in time
zeke didn't want to be put down { been doing this a bit lately } we walked down main st { in mornington } picked up a coffee then to the park, with his new ugg boots in tow { too cute }.........

this weekend my girlfriend kellie came to stay { so much fun chillaxing with her } we watched movies, i cut and coloured another girlfriend kirsties hair while hubbs played golf, stolled along the beach in the wind LOVE going to the beach when it's a little stormy business meeting and church a pretty full packed weekend but was relaxing at the same time.........what did you do this weekend????
hope you had a good one lisa xx

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

diy hutch

well we've been a little busy of late doing a few things up......
what do you do when you need more storage in your office/studio??????
go brand new and spend lots of $$$$$ or scroll around ebay????
i say ebay so i went looking on ebay and came across an old hutch most of them were going for about $80-$90

while opp shopping thee other week i found this one at vinnies for $40.00 so bought it and into the car it went......

me being me i'm just a little bit impatient i sanded a little of it and thought {NA} it will be ok so went ahead and primed it, that evening hubbs came out to help me do the next coat of primer and he scratch the paint to see how well it stuck, what happened?????
that's right it scapped off, so we had to sand it back {i did a little bit, my wonderful hubbs did most}
so we finally got it sanded then primed and hubbs did the final paint last night
it looks so much better and yay for some storage space, i've covered the inside of the doors with a pink and white snake skin wrapping paper i got for $1.00, i will get around to painting the shelves pink
and i covered inside the draw as well
and i figure one day in a bigger house who knows might end up in the kitchen or the garage for
gregs tools hehehehe, sleep tight everyone and have a fab friday lisa xx

thankful 4 : my washing machine

i don't know about you but i'm so thankful 4 my washing machine
i have a secret love affair with it hehehe
i've been thinking over this last week how i've had my
washing machine for about 71/2 years and
i don't want it to break down i don't
want a new one i love the one i've got.....while my sister
was here {which was fantastic thanks for your messages} she asked
is it normally that loud.......thats what got me thinking
about it, as i used it today i thought please keep 
going..........i know it prob sounds strange but i love doing the washing 
so this week i'm thankful 4 my washing machine
what house hold item could you not live without????????

if you'd like to join in click on the link below, what have 
you been thankful 4????? enjoy the rest of you week and thanks 
for stopping by lisa xx

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

madeit find : + damask

my madeit find this week are these very cute limited edition vintage colour tubes from oopsidaisi a beautiful lip treatment in 5 scrumptious flavours, who wouldn't want one rolling around in their handbag???

+ some gorge pics of damask, i love it in the shot above as a display
i totally went overboard with these images but i loved them all
hope you all have an amazing wednesday lisa xx

to you lovely ladies who asked to look at some of my artwork from the markets you can have a look at, you made my day with your comments thanks lisa

images from here