Thursday, April 7, 2011

diy hutch

well we've been a little busy of late doing a few things up......
what do you do when you need more storage in your office/studio??????
go brand new and spend lots of $$$$$ or scroll around ebay????
i say ebay so i went looking on ebay and came across an old hutch most of them were going for about $80-$90

while opp shopping thee other week i found this one at vinnies for $40.00 so bought it and into the car it went......

me being me i'm just a little bit impatient i sanded a little of it and thought {NA} it will be ok so went ahead and primed it, that evening hubbs came out to help me do the next coat of primer and he scratch the paint to see how well it stuck, what happened?????
that's right it scapped off, so we had to sand it back {i did a little bit, my wonderful hubbs did most}
so we finally got it sanded then primed and hubbs did the final paint last night
it looks so much better and yay for some storage space, i've covered the inside of the doors with a pink and white snake skin wrapping paper i got for $1.00, i will get around to painting the shelves pink
and i covered inside the draw as well
and i figure one day in a bigger house who knows might end up in the kitchen or the garage for
gregs tools hehehehe, sleep tight everyone and have a fab friday lisa xx


  1. Nice makeover - isn't paint amazing! ;-)

  2. Great makeover Lisa. I love the touch of pink! xx

  3. Great find Lisa. Gorgeous result. Loving the pink paper. Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  4. Wow, what a makeover - perfect piece for holding all sorts of office/stationery items on those shelves.

  5. Beautiful job, I love a great makeover.


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