Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happenings in my world + T4

i seem to always have something on the go either sewing, painting, cooking doing a diy
and of course i'm very very noisy and love to know what everyone else is up too in their world
either work, home or holidaying so thought id add this into this blogpost.......

i've been seeing this chevron pattern EVERYWHERE cushions, rugs, fabric you name it
it's so simple and i love it......i've had this canvas for about 3 years and thought why not paint the pattern myself so i taped it up and away i painted.....

don't look too close it's not even....although i do love that it's not perfect
{ps how cute is the little girl on the swing????}

+ this week i'm thankful 4 beautiful flowers, my very dear girlfriend kellie bought me a bunch of flowers and they are now in full bloom and are beautiful also every friday over at molly's maison sarah posts photos of all the beautiful flowers in her garden {pop over and have a browse}

what's been happening in your world????
what are you thankful 4 this week?????

if you would like to join in your most welcome just link it back to here
lisa xx


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Lisa! I tell you what, I will be thankful for the rain stopping here (if it ever does) as otherwise there'll be no Friday Flowers!
    I like the chevron pattern too. You must be a trendsetter to have painted your chevron canvas a few years ago!

  2. I have been admiring some chevron cushions for a while now.Your print is gorgeous - great job. Love the girl on the swing too. Im thankful for having some spare time to catch up on some blogs - time has been limited lately.
    Rebecca x

  3. Your canvas looks great!! This week I'm thankful that tonight, I don't have to cook as we're popping to the shops and stopping at David Jones for tea :)

  4. Your canvas looks great, your obviously very patient. I would love a black & white chevron rug someday!


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