Saturday, May 29, 2010

i love my wallpaper

well i've had my new wallpaper up for a few months now and i love it, 
everytime i walk into my room i feel happy, all the colours are a mixture of my favorites.....although i prob need to tie hoe as i seem to be wanting to cover everything in it.... if you'd like to find out more about this wallpaper!!!!! and my hubbie wallpapered our room and took 
some into the ensuite next to the mirrored wardrobe sliders, it had been sitting in the cupboard for almost a year and a half, so as you can imagine i was a happy chappy....

i've also used it as my banner and have made some art blocks using the wallpaper also you can view these here 
i love d.i.y if anyone else knows of blogs that have d.i.y's hook me up xx

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mothers day 2010

wow what a fantastic mother's day first i was off to the camberwell markets then coffee and a delicious slice at my dear friend lissie's....

then greg and zekky took me to the ferris wheel down by the yarra first we had wine, cheese and crackers and of course zekky had potatoe chips then zekky had a run around playing hide and seek with so adorable to watch, although he didn't really like mummy trying to play as well

so it was off to the ferris wheel we went, the last time i went on the ferris wheel was on mother's day 3 years ago, dreaming of having a baby of my own and this time i was on the ferris wheel with my son and greg the view of the yarra from the wheel was beautiful and having my boys there with me was the icing on the cake.....but wait there's more my day didn't finish there

and last but not least we ended up in the fitzroy gardens laying under the amazing big trees, it is one of my favorite things to do. ever since i was a little girl, watching the clouds through the trees, dreaming, imagining, wondering of all the possibilities...........

(while greg looked after zeke of course)
then to top it off we got kiwi fish 'n' chips with watties tomato sauce and the famous (only in nz)

i hope everyone else out there had a wonderful day whatever you ended up doing!!!
lisa xox