Monday, February 27, 2012

finally moved...back online + some birthday love

wow what a crazy few weeks its been here, moving {at short notice} but so glad we got the house, we love old school with a bit of character, we've built and done the brand new house see here.....
but if i have my choice i love art deco/60's-70's mixed with modern......

what sold me with this house was the built in booth seats and table {love love}
i'll take you on a little tour of the house over the next few weeks, thought i'd sneek a little photo of the table we did above for the weekend + the new dinning room..........
lighting not so great today but you get the idea
i've so missed being apart of blogland and am very happy to have internet again.....wa hoo
back to doing my madeit finds + some random shots + some T4's and keeping you updated on twiceBAKED @ the vintage shed + ledamae @ the markets, which reminds me ledamae will be at the red hill markets this saturday pop along and say hi....
and it was my birthday on the weekend the big 35 bring on 40 i say hehehe
i feel like i have so many exciting things happening this year and looking forward to the journey
thanks for all your wonderful comments and time you take to look through my blog
a big smooch to all lisa xx

a photo of some of my birthday love

Monday, February 6, 2012

on the move!!!!!!

wow feels like i haven't been in blogland forever........
i am still here just been CRAZY busy......packing packing packing.......yup thats right
we are on the move 15min further down the peninsula to rosebud,
this is a photo of a sunset in rosebud by michael taylor
this has happened so so fast but twiceBAKED has been getting busier and we
have been running out of room at home
so we have found the perfect place {oldskool} not modern {which i love} photos to
come don't you worry.......
it has 3 rooms + a bungalow outside for my studio and the shed is way bigger than what we have
and we will have a spare room YAY......also a yard for zekky to run around in.....
i've totally missed everyones blogs and am looking forward to getting settled and getting right back
into it.........
a few firsts for me this year so far
- pimms {i think thats how you spell it}
- honey truffle
- club 23 {crown casino}
- cruze
- servery & spoon
- leo's supermarket

and a few photos we've been snapping away at
i hope 2012 has started off with loads of fun and happiness.....
do you plan your year ahead or are you a see what happens???????
i have goals i like to aim for and am looking forward to the journey of 2012
have a wonderful week and i'll be back once we've moved
smooch lisa xx