Monday, February 28, 2011

point + shoot : weekend fun for my birthday

i had a wonderful weekend, it was my birthday on friday my boys made me a carrot cake {my favourite} with thick cream cheese icing yum yum, we relaxed together for the day then it was off for a girls night at vik's apartment, wine, nibbles, movie and painting our nails with great conversation...
then sat we had eyelash extentions so my eyelashes are a little fuller FUN, with a spot of shopping at harbourtown then brunch with the girls, in the arvo it was nanna nap time {i love nanna naps} then the boys came home and we went out for takeout at the park where zeke loved playing with uncle wayne.....
then sunday i did the flemington markets in the rain, yay for husbands that help set up in the rain hehehe all in all it was a very busy weekend but filled with wonderful friends and great memories
how was your weekend?????
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lisa xx

Thursday, February 24, 2011

thankful 4 : the aid of others

i want to firstly start by saying thank you for all the emails, comments, txt, calls regarding the earthquake that hit new zealand, i don't have any immediate family there, my brother and sister moved back up north in nov, but i have friends and their families in the area and my parents friends, i have heard they are all ok which is amazing, however there are so many who have been affected

i was astonded with the help australia have given new zealand, and the aid others have given 

for this i'm so thankful

out of all this devastation in new zealand and australia over the past 5-6 months i've really noticed people rallying together to help and aid each other and people putting others needs before their own

what are you thankful 4 this week?????
if you'd like to join in the link below and share what your thankful 4 please feel free, lets spread thankfulness and see what others are thankful 4 also, the link is open until sunday!!!!
have a wonderful thursday and thinking of everyone involved in the quake
lisa xx

photos via here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

madeit find : + mustard

here is my madeit find today loving the colour {of course} this gorgeous book end is by ruby pickles handmade originals, it is covered in fabric and has rubber underneath so it doesn't slide around....i just love you use bookends?????

plus a splash of mustard

thanks for all your messages yesterday.....had a great day making stuff which always helps to
get your mojo going, smooch to all enjoy your wednesday
lisa xx

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

new keep calm and put the kettle on

as you can see by the time on the microwave i've just taken these photos, feeling a little bit blah today
not quite 100%, not sure if its hormones or tired from  a busy weekend, but i feel like i need to get my mojo back, i have a market this weekend and need to get some stuff made...
i just got home from vinnies, salvos and a fabric store i've never been too, i walked into the kitchen
saw my keep calm and put the kettle on from typo {and that's what i'm gonna do}
hope your all having a lovely day take care lisa xx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

thankful 4 : melbourne _ _ _!!!!!!

this week i'm so so thankful 4 the melbourne reroductive services, we had zeke {above} through ivf, he was our second attempt and i have to be honest and say it was such a positive experience, my doctor rachel knight was so calming and reassuring......everyone down to the receptionist were just wonderful, the ladies who took my bloods and scans where all cheering us on.....

i got a little choked up when getting blood test result {hubbs} said to the doctor "i just want to say thankyou for helping us get our son" {lump in my throat moment} i've been thinking about it alot as we will be starting the journey again this year, one of the quotes i held onto while trying last time was.....

faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

so this is what i'm extremely thankful 4 this week, what have you been thankful 4 join in below and share with others, have a great thursday 
lisa xx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

madeit find : + pretty lace

my madeit find this week, is the gorgeous litte baby pink flower singlet from handmade made with love 4 kids, i wish it came in grown up sizing.......can you imagine this with a little tulle skirt or simply with jeans GORGEOUS!!!! i'm loving the flower and the wee bit of lace

lace......sing it with me now......."these are few of my favourite things"
have a wonderful wednesday
not sure if you've heard the expression "hump day" {meaning middle of the week} so welcome to hump day......if you have the time if you could pick one picture from above {as your fav} which one would it be?????? mine would be number one, i love the big bow and the long dark hair against the roughled lace sleeve's
lisa xx
images via here

Monday, February 14, 2011

point + shoot : my new BIG mirror

i had an exciting weekend i picked up my new mirror whoop whoop {i just love it} you could chose to have it metillic or painted white, i chose having it painted white once so it has an antique feel to it.....
i got it for a steel and hubb's loves it YAY, i've been wanting a big mirror for a while but never liked the price ticket.........
our weedend was jammed packed with socializing, wee bit tired but loved every minute......
hope you all had a fantastic weekend, if you'd like to see what others got up to go to point + shoot at fatmumslim
ps happy valentines day {anyone doing anything exciting today/tonight}
lisa xx

Friday, February 11, 2011

needyn + kea

my new nephew needyn {on the left} and niece kea {on the right} arn't they adorable?????
i got to meet them both at christmas and i can't believe how much they have grown since i saw them last, they are so cute and their mummy kate is doing so well {specially managing two} and it was so nice to see my brother in action as a daddy

i do find it interesting seeing my brother and sister as parents and can only imagine what it's like them seeing me as a mummy, time goes so fast it was only yesterday we were kids dreaming of being parents.......

my how time goes fast, here are a few more pics of the cuties with my brother and mumma kate photos were taken by the very talented nicola from snowdrops photography in nz
do you have twins in your family?????
have a great weekend, i look forward to hearing what you all got up too on mon
lisa xx

Thursday, February 10, 2011

thankful 4 : like minded people

hi how are you all today????
i've started a thankful 4 post see here, i've thought about doing these blog posts for a while, and at the end of each day i often try and think of something i'm thankful 4, this week i'm thankful to be around like minded people, i've been meeting some amazing people over the past few months and feel extremely thankful to have people around me who love life and want to live life to the fullest.....

so what have you been thankful 4 this week or today??????

join in by entering your thankful 4 post below +
link it back to here so others can share in what your thankful 4

it's such a good feeling when i do these posts, have a great thursday
lisa xx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

silver trays + thanks "j"

the very lovely janette from "my sweet prints" mentioned me in her post yesterday {thanks "j"}
about a silver tray i sent her and how you can paint them see here, after seeing her post i thought i hadn't shared any of my ones, i started a little collection {but really how many do you need?????} hehehe

i do have three throughout the house at the moment, first one above is my white one i painted for $5.00 {trash n treasure} with jug/sugar/teaspoons/T2
this round tray i picked up for .50c {trash n treasure} and has pepper/pink flake salt {from the murray river}/measuring cups/vase
and my third tray i got for $2.50 {salvos} with candle/vase/tealight/photo of my beautiful niece georgia
do you have any silver trays at home and what do you have on them??????
i love seeing, hearing how others decorate etc.......
so thanks again "j" finally got around to sharing mine now, took these photos about 10min ago, ps loved your lampshade makeover if you want to know how to do it check it out here 
also {just a little by the way} janette was my first ever follower OH!!!!
have a great wednesday
lisa xx

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

madeit find : + t cups

ok how adorable is this t-cup with a little birdie in it??????
this is my madeit find of the week from nest in the attic, i just love it what a great gift and i can't believe how affordable it is too {bonus} i'm a sucker for t-cups and little birdie's, just too cute!!!!!
and a few other cute t-cups...........
has anyone been buying any new t-cups of late????
have a fantastic tuesday, pop the jug on and have a cuppa
lisa xx
photos via here and here

Monday, February 7, 2011

point + shoot : cheeky zekky @ the markets

if you live in victoria you would of known how wet fri night and sat morning was......i had the car packed up ready to go for my first time at the red hill markets, i woke up on sat morning before the alarm and was so unsure what to do, we thought the car's packed zekky is waking up lets just drive to the markets and decide from there

so with zekky in his pj's off we went, i had a stand outside but due to some cancellations the lovely ladies from craftmarkets gave me a spot inside, and were extremely helpful........... so in the rain my lovely hubs unpacked the car we set up and i took this photo of zekky in his pj's eating bacon {he has never posed for a photo before} was so funny to watch
i am so so glad i decided to go even in the pouring rain.......we had a great day at the markets with loads of sales and met some new and exciting people, how was your weekend?????
see what else others got up to with point + shoot at fatmumslim
sounds like some of you had the opposite and enjoyed the sunshine, have a great monday
lisa xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

thankful 4

welcome to thursday......
i'd love to know your thoughts about this link?????
i've been blogging now for about 9 months, i love being in this little community {internationally} of people who insprie, share and help each other, with topics like

our children
our soul mates
fun in the sun
our thoughts
new creations
and so on

last year nov 2010 i was walking along the beach with little zekky i'm always on the lookout for broken glass {pick it up so no one else steps on it} i found some glass and all the edges were smooth, there were no sharp bits or rough bits.....
i started thinking about how long it had been in the sea, banged against rocks, roughed up by the get to where it was that day

i thought about myself and how THANKFUL i was for the people in my life that have helped me become the person i am today, {believe me it has taken years} through tears, laughter and out right annoying me it's chipped away at some of my exterior and helped build my character and i'm so so thankful.....

i've seen a few blogs with linky's and thought about starting one last year but decided not too {you know self doubt set in} then i thought well i can be thankful and maybe other's could/would share in what they were feeling thankful 4, so you are welcome and i'd love it if you would like to join in there are no rules, you can add pictures/words whatever you like of what you are feeling thankful for, so every thursday join me in being thankful 4 something/someone/anything

what are you thankful 4 today??????
lisa xx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

madeit find : + hubbs bought me a new car

transport, stripes and stars bunting on madeit by my sister made it..{cool name huh???}.......i do love bunting i especially like the way they have incorporated the different fabrics, i think they go really well your children or you have any bunting around the house {in their rooms}??????

also my hubbs bought me a car excited, we have wanted a new car for 6 years, but didn't want to spend $30-$40k on a car, that loses so much as soon as you drive it off the lot, so off to the auctions we go {and it is handy having a man who knows about cars etc}
we will be painting the bottom and front so it's the same colour all over.......
hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and thoughts going out to everyone and anyone who has family or live around cairns area
lisa xx 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

new fun

here are my new {little shelves} they look fantastic on the walls and better than i thought, i painted them last week and had to put them up straight know what it's like when you have a little nook and you don't want a large piece of art???? well these are perfect, i'm really big on adding different dimensions eg......not all canvas, not all frames etc....mixing it up
i love texture and artworks that pop, i also did a black one....
happy tuesday to you all, i feel like i'm back.......
do you ever feel in limbo when you get back from holidays???? it's taken me almost 3 weeks to get back into the swing of things all you mother's out there with the holidays coming to an end and kids going back to school, i hope for smooth transitions big smooch 
lisa xx