Wednesday, September 26, 2012

question : do you have artwork/decor in your toilet????

i know such a random question.......
but do you have artwork/decor in your toilet????
when the photographers were here from the herald sun, i had to chuckle at myself
because throughout my house i have loads of art, ceramics {my fav} and bits and pieces
and low in behold i even have it in the dunny, outhouse, toilet...
seriously we are in a rental and its not real pretty {green unit, brown seat} so mumma had to
do something hehehehe

if we are honest how much time does one spend in the toilet and while your there why
not look at something pretty or something to flick through

its interesting how some toilets, {like recently at the chaplains dinner at the hyatt
the girls were saying how lovely the toilets were and yes they were hotel quality}
are so beautiful you rave to everyone back at the table/bar etc
public toilets, do you read the writing on the wall?????
in a mall, do you read the adverts on the back of the door????
i am one of those that do.........

few pics in my toilet

how nice has the sunshine been today????
enjoy your wed night lisa xx

Thursday, September 20, 2012

baby jets first sleepover............

yes it was a busy weekend, but to be honest such a fun weekend.......
friday night was the first time we had jet {my nephf} over for a sleep over, zeke was so excited
all day he kept saying, "can we go and get him now"
once we picked him up we the four of us went on an adventure to bunnings {oh what fun we had}
do you like bunnings??????? i love bunnings we strolled around aimlessly, we swung on the swing seats, something me and zeke have done for years, jet loved it.....
then it was home for dinner + bathtime + bed
jet was a pure delight, i miss my nieces and nephew so much and having a little nephew around the corner is lovely......
then it was off to the skate park sat morning.......
looking forward to cuddles tonight {family dinner night}

then sat arvo our lovely lissie came around for a birthday dinner for her, we just love spending time with lissie and it was so nice to just love on her

then sunday we were all packed up and off to the flemington markets, loved seeing familiar faces and love it when friends pop in, its like a meeting place hehehe

here are a few other snaps of the weekend

for lissies birthday dinner, we had corn fritters, topped with cheese, red onion, tomato, advo {in lemon juice + splash of tabasco sauce} coriander, salad, bacon + sour cream
seriously yummy my mouth is watering while i type........
and for dessert pav with cream cheese frosting + cream, raspberries + toasted almonds

and for all the photos taken at the markets check them out here............
i'll be loading you up with toooo many pics otherwise, hope your all having a great week so far
can't believe its thursday already, this week has flown by
smooch lisa xx

Friday, September 14, 2012

what a week..............

a cheeky monkey jumped into the spare bed this morning to watch a movie, i had to snap it......
i feel like every week is rolling into the next at the moment, we had a fun whirlwind weekend, a friend rachel came to hangout from sydney we

. went to mornington markets
. visited the vintage shed
. tryed the famous vanilla slice in sorrento
. went to harbourtown in docklands

all in a day and a half.......was fun
then felt a bit blah on monday, didn't really know what to do......had to snap out of it quickly as
tues, wed, thurs saw me doing loads of stuff for the upcoming markets this sunday at flemington
check it out here 

. zeke has started a new daycare, i think hes coping more than me
. zeke also got grommets last thurs, seems to be doing really well
. i had a new nephew arrive oh about 3 hours ago.....elisha james bogue
. my nephew judah {who if any remember i was at the birth last year } its his first birthday today
. and tonight we have my other nephew jet having his very first sleepover without mummy + dad
  i'll take photos for sure.........
. tomorrow lissie is coming to play on the peninsula i'm sure she'll take me/us somewhere new
  and exiting, {love exploring with her}
. and then sunday at the markets, looks like this weekend is sucked up too hehehehehehe

wee bit exciting the hearld sun is coming back on monday for one more photo, they want
little zekky on the cover shot........CUTE
i hope whoever is reading this that you have a wonderful weekend and take some time just for
yourself, its not selfish to do this from time to time

few more pics of zekky this morning + the spare room
smooch lisa xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

road trip to pick up gregs dream car....

what a weekend........
i had the red hill markets on saturday which was so good getting back into the swing of
things, i hadn't done a craft market in a few months, off to flemington in a few weeks also...
then 5.30am {on fathers day} greg, zekky and myself headed off on a road trip
to mt. gambier to pick up gregs dream car.......
he has wanted this car {oh for about 18 years} it is so much his dream car its the colour he's wanted
and everything about it is down to the 'T', he is one shuffed lad........
we had the best trip and i forgot how much i miss road trips, we used to do them a lot in nz
we arrived in mt. gambier in good time and the couple we bought the car off were so lovely and
friendly, i think hubbs might have another car buddy

then it was off to warrnambool to the camping ground for the night SO MUCH FUN......
we caught up with friends who have recently moved there and their two adorable little girls
zeke loved it......we did so much in such a small amount of time and yet
we had such a relaxing time away

+ some more pics of the dream car & time away

this is the face as we left warrnambool the next day.....he really did not want to go
he keep saying, "go back, please go back"

we had to assure him we were going camping very soon, so looks like a little
weekend away very soon in the tent it is......i do love that he loves camping
have a wonderful week lisa xx