Wednesday, September 26, 2012

question : do you have artwork/decor in your toilet????

i know such a random question.......
but do you have artwork/decor in your toilet????
when the photographers were here from the herald sun, i had to chuckle at myself
because throughout my house i have loads of art, ceramics {my fav} and bits and pieces
and low in behold i even have it in the dunny, outhouse, toilet...
seriously we are in a rental and its not real pretty {green unit, brown seat} so mumma had to
do something hehehehe

if we are honest how much time does one spend in the toilet and while your there why
not look at something pretty or something to flick through

its interesting how some toilets, {like recently at the chaplains dinner at the hyatt
the girls were saying how lovely the toilets were and yes they were hotel quality}
are so beautiful you rave to everyone back at the table/bar etc
public toilets, do you read the writing on the wall?????
in a mall, do you read the adverts on the back of the door????
i am one of those that do.........

few pics in my toilet

how nice has the sunshine been today????
enjoy your wed night lisa xx

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  1. Hi Lisa, nope, none in my loo/ bathroom, but it needs it as it's such an awful space! I think I'm waiting to spruce it up a bit but in reality that may never happen!


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