Friday, September 14, 2012

what a week..............

a cheeky monkey jumped into the spare bed this morning to watch a movie, i had to snap it......
i feel like every week is rolling into the next at the moment, we had a fun whirlwind weekend, a friend rachel came to hangout from sydney we

. went to mornington markets
. visited the vintage shed
. tryed the famous vanilla slice in sorrento
. went to harbourtown in docklands

all in a day and a half.......was fun
then felt a bit blah on monday, didn't really know what to do......had to snap out of it quickly as
tues, wed, thurs saw me doing loads of stuff for the upcoming markets this sunday at flemington
check it out here 

. zeke has started a new daycare, i think hes coping more than me
. zeke also got grommets last thurs, seems to be doing really well
. i had a new nephew arrive oh about 3 hours ago.....elisha james bogue
. my nephew judah {who if any remember i was at the birth last year } its his first birthday today
. and tonight we have my other nephew jet having his very first sleepover without mummy + dad
  i'll take photos for sure.........
. tomorrow lissie is coming to play on the peninsula i'm sure she'll take me/us somewhere new
  and exiting, {love exploring with her}
. and then sunday at the markets, looks like this weekend is sucked up too hehehehehehe

wee bit exciting the hearld sun is coming back on monday for one more photo, they want
little zekky on the cover shot........CUTE
i hope whoever is reading this that you have a wonderful weekend and take some time just for
yourself, its not selfish to do this from time to time

few more pics of zekky this morning + the spare room
smooch lisa xx


  1. LOVE the large print behind the birdcage Lisa! Have a great weekend at the markets :) S&K

  2. Wow what a week! Vanilla slice is my favourite but can't remember the last time I had one! Glad Zeke is doing well with his grommets. Jasper is on his 3rd set :) Yes I am going to take a few hours for myself on Sunday, it's been too long . Have a great weekend too xx

  3. You are such a busy lady! Have a relaxing weekend, if you can manage it :)


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