Wednesday, August 31, 2011

madeit find : + tulle

my madeit find this week is this beautiful beautiful dress from carmen's creations, you all know how much i love tulle......with her dress's /  skirts you can choose your own colour and create your own look {i love this} pop over and have a noisy.....
this is my second tulle find and i'm sure it won't be my last

+ some more tulle
+ my favourtie pic is this one below, it looks like so much fun and loving the converse shoes + the tulle dress + the retro radio player + the colour of the whole shot........which one is your fav???
enjoy this beautiful day lisa xx

images via here

Monday, August 29, 2011

point + shoot : baby shower {high tea style}

i had a baby shower at home this weekend for a very very special friend kellie, i can't wait to meet the new bubs and watch her as a mother........
the day was filled with beautiful family and lovely friends, with of course just a few games and loads of delish food, we went for a high tea theme, here are a few photos...

a fun day had by all, and the sunshine was just devine....
what did you do this weekend did you enjoy any sunshine????
join in here lisa xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

old skool lockers........

i've been wanting / waiting / watching old skool lockers for sometime, and with the lack of storage in our house and a little person who owns quite a few things already it was time to hunt for some.......
and yup i got them on ebay for a fraction of the price you would pay in a vintage shop
i love all the knocks and dents and of course zeke loves opening them and seeing whats inside, i've stored clothes / toys / up high all the things like {vicks, nappy creams etc} and there is still room
to put more stuff
i also got one for the gargage for storage.....will see if it fits or will sell it on......
so a great storage saver and i love it.....the older the better i say
do you have storage woos or storage solutions????
have a fab wednesday lisa xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

point + shoot : haircut time

this weekend has been the most beautiful weather here on the mornington peninsula, and we spent mostly the whole time outside, saturday morning was haircut time for zekky, poor thing has a mum whose a hairdresser and gets left to last {but we got it done} thought i'd take a few shots after the haircut with his cool little shades on.......enjoy
hope you all had a wonderful weekend lisa xx
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Monday, August 15, 2011

farewell nana........

it's been a very sad few weeks my wonderful nana Audrey Mae Bogue passed away, at 85 years and while back in nz for the funeral grandad said it would be there 59th wedding anniversary next week.....
WOW that just blows me away {59 years together, can you imagine that?????}
they have both been the most amazing grandparents they were always at our birthdays, i got my first teaset at the age of 2, every boxing day we would head out on their boat and find an island to have a picnic on {so many good memories}
i enjoyed my time with grandad while i was back talking about the wonderful wife he has/had, they were truely partners, they did everything together and my hope is that my marriage will be amazing like theirs.....
i've lost two people who i've loved and you never quite realize how much it will hurt, i thought after a few weeks i'd be fine, but i still feel myself tear up and the past few weeks have been a blur.....
i know it sounds strange but it almost doesn't feel real {like a dream}

i can't stop thinking about my grandad and look forward to seeing him next month......some nice photos to leave you with of the view from their house
hope you all have a fab week and thanks for listening/reading and sharing in my world lisa xx

Monday, August 1, 2011

point + shoot : beach

what a beautiful day on the peninsula yesterday, we just had to nip down to the beach........
it recharged my battery's it's been a crazy crazy it was a nice relief
what did you do this weekend, join in over here
lisa xx