Monday, August 22, 2011

point + shoot : haircut time

this weekend has been the most beautiful weather here on the mornington peninsula, and we spent mostly the whole time outside, saturday morning was haircut time for zekky, poor thing has a mum whose a hairdresser and gets left to last {but we got it done} thought i'd take a few shots after the haircut with his cool little shades on.......enjoy
hope you all had a wonderful weekend lisa xx
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  1. What a cool dude!!!!
    Love the hair and the shades:)
    I wish you lived in Sydney Lisa cause I've been thinking that Will could do with a cool little hair cut instead of his standard boring trim.
    Have a great Monday!

  2. How cool are those sunnies, what a stylish little dude x

  3. That's one very cool little guy :)

  4. he is very cool indeed. love his sunnies! happy monday lisa!

  5. Love the sunnies, very cute :)

  6. how very cool and very cute does he look:) xox


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