Wednesday, August 31, 2011

madeit find : + tulle

my madeit find this week is this beautiful beautiful dress from carmen's creations, you all know how much i love tulle......with her dress's /  skirts you can choose your own colour and create your own look {i love this} pop over and have a noisy.....
this is my second tulle find and i'm sure it won't be my last

+ some more tulle
+ my favourtie pic is this one below, it looks like so much fun and loving the converse shoes + the tulle dress + the retro radio player + the colour of the whole shot........which one is your fav???
enjoy this beautiful day lisa xx

images via here


  1. My husband was standing behind me and commented on how pretty all the dresses are! Enjoy your day! Mimi xx

  2. They're all so pretty. It makes me want to sew a poofy tulle frock!


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