Wednesday, August 24, 2011

old skool lockers........

i've been wanting / waiting / watching old skool lockers for sometime, and with the lack of storage in our house and a little person who owns quite a few things already it was time to hunt for some.......
and yup i got them on ebay for a fraction of the price you would pay in a vintage shop
i love all the knocks and dents and of course zeke loves opening them and seeing whats inside, i've stored clothes / toys / up high all the things like {vicks, nappy creams etc} and there is still room
to put more stuff
i also got one for the gargage for storage.....will see if it fits or will sell it on......
so a great storage saver and i love it.....the older the better i say
do you have storage woos or storage solutions????
have a fab wednesday lisa xx


  1. great find! I've kept my eyes out for similar, but so far only found ones with big $ tags! Boo! I bet you have lots of fun styling it up :)

  2. LOVE it! What a great find! The stencil letters on the door are so cool (an I particularly love the Eye Chart on top ;)

  3. They're awesome!! Like Janette, I think the stencilled letters are very cool. What a great win on ebay :)

  4. Great find! I love imperfection (dints etc) too... adds character. I also love to be able to quickly 'stash' stuff away so this locker idea definitely appeals to me. :)

  5. What a great buy, they look fantastic! I was admiring some really old ones on the design files blog today as well.
    Wow, you submitted for the block! You brave woman. I'm tempted but I think I'd cry too much!!
    No I haven't entered nor am going to see WOW this year. Hopefully next year. Love to go back to NZ!

  6. Love it Lisa, you have such a great eye for these things.I always admire the lockers on the pottery barn site!!!

  7. Lovely locker, great character ;)


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