Friday, December 23, 2011

happy christmas and cheers to a fantastic 2012

wow what a year.........full of challenges, new business, growth, dates, birthdays, growing boy, funeral, birth, camping, markets, meeting new people, opp shops, loads visitors, new fun things, picnics, movies, fun in the sun and the list could go on and on.......

i can say i wasn't expecting 2011 to be so busy and although i feel exhausted what a year, i'm really looking forward to 2012 and spending more time out and about exploring....

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas and thanks to each and everyone of you for following this blog and your wonderful comments, i just love christmas and all that it is a time i use to reflect and ponder on what has been and what is to come....

+ some pics
our dream is to one day have a white christmas {what country to choose?????}
smooch to all {hubbs is sitting beside me saying "fairy lights are so you"} oh yeah love the fairy lights
lisa xx

images via here

Monday, December 19, 2011

my new/old couch

ok here is my new/old couch i'm in love with it.......
i saw it in the opp shop window and could not get it out of my head all day, i popped back in the
arvo and so many people were looking at it, my heart was racing i didn't want to lose it
i asked if they would discount it for me, and they did i was so excited i wanted to take it home
then and there but had to wait till the next day........
of course i couldn't get it out of my head, and we don't really have the room, so i've reshuffled a few
things and have put the two chairs that came with this wonderful couch on ebay {i'd love to keep them too but we really don't have the room, i was pushing it with the couch......
it was one of those things i would of regretted if i didn't get it {merry christmas to me hehehe}
i just love the fabric its velvety and underneath it has a beautiful blue linen, the cushions off the couch are made from feathers and it sits on wheels, they just don't really make them like this anymore, the workmanship that has gone into this couch is just amazing......
i've discribed it to a few friends and to be honest doesn't sound amazing but when i see/look at it i swoon.......
i just need a little rug underneath it now.......
i know it won't be for everyone but what do you think???????
have a wonderful week
lisa xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

zeke and zara + T4

it was so cool seeing these two together again, zeke was so excited for days saying, "zara zara zara" and on the day he kept saying it all morning, then when we arrived it took him a good half hour to warm up, truely it can be a little painful
{dude you've been excited for days}
do your children do the same thing???????
and other times he's not like that.........
anyway once he got over himself was so cute watching them, play, laugh, argue, run around.......
we just love visiting, and zeke has still been talking non stop about zara.........cute

+ T4
i'm thankful for beautiful fabrics, they make me feel inspired, creative and just happy
i found a beautiful lounge suite with the most amazing fabric, i wouldn't of looked twice
but the FABRIC, {it's like a piece of art on its own} photos to come next week.............
seems like a strange thing to be thankful 4 but i truely love fabrics, patterns, textures and
anything old at the moment........

enjoy your thursday
lisa xx

Monday, December 12, 2011

weekend shananigans

what an eventful weekend, so many fun things........i just love christmas time
friday a lovely lunch date at the pavillion {mcrae}
family dvd night
saturday was jam packed.....
first birthday party
visiting old friend's in hoopers crossing
few opp shops
and a fun christmas cocktail party {see photos above}
we had to all dress up {yup greg even wore a tie}, take a gift for male + female and cocktail food
my girlfriend sylvia is the hostess with the mostess, she truely thought of everything
down to christmas activities for the children, glitter pasting and then some
it was my first time trying eggnog {delish}
and the food was amazing, if you ever get invited to there house for dinner/food
you always say yes hehehehehe
thanks sylvia + micheal + zara for a very fun night {photos of zeke + zara to come later in the week}
sun ledamae had the mornington markets then a little dinner party with great company
+ a yummy bottle of moet thanks sarah + kade
what did your weekend look like??????
i love having a glimpse into what others get up too
have a great start to your week
lisa xx

+ happy birthday to my mum today, hope the nz weather isn't to cold for you smooch lisa xx

Thursday, December 8, 2011

oh christmas tree oh christmas tree + T4

ok so this is my first fake christmas tree.......
it was a decision that didn't come easy, i just love real ones the smell the look etc
but hubbs gets bad hayfever and has put up with it for, oh 11 years hehehe and we spend about $70 - $100 a year on a fresh tree.........
i have to be honest and say i used to turn my nose up at fake trees, but times are changing and mumma is on a budget, hopefully i'll get a good few years out of this one {or until my taste changes.......again hehehe} i didn't just say that did i?????
so thought i'd give a fakie a go, i did go cheap cheap ebay $55.00 free postage, and to be honest when i opened the box, i felt a little looked fake {well of course it's white giggle}
anyway i stuffed white tulle inside the tree so it looks fuller and once the lights went on and the decor
I LOVE IT......
and it was fun putting it up with little zeke, he was pulling them apart and loving being involved, every morning he comes out and says, "lights".......turns it on and says, "WOW" so cute
do you have a real tree or a fake one????????

+ T4 : friends
- i'm so thankful to wonderful friend's, just in the last week a very special friend looking
   after our little zekky so we could have a night away for our wedding ann - thank you so much elissa
- spending time with a kell + baby ziggy, smooch to you both
- mark helping us with our broken down car, you rock mark
- vik, just being who you are caring about me and your support {my biggest fan hehehe}
i love all the friend's i have in my world.........

have a wonderful weekend
lisa xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

madeit find : + siblings

my madeit find this just too cute, BIG BRO + lil bro giftset from baby galah
what a great gift it check it out

+ more siblings

+ i like the saying on this pic - {reasons to love being alive} -

how many siblings do you have????? i have an older brother and younger sister {yes i am the middle child} hehehehe
hope your having a wonderful week, sorry for my lack of blogging tis the silly season
but of course am loving it, have you put up your christmas decorations yet?????
i've gone for my first fake christmas tree {photos to come}

have a fab rest of the week lisa xx

images via here

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

madeit find : + cupcakes

how cute is this little set?????
my madeit find this week is from sammyjo........cupcake bloomers + singlet set ADORABLE
go and have a sneek peek

+ some more cupcakes

+ my fav is this one.....seems magical {fairy lights me thinks}

who doesn't love a good cupcake?????
i have to say it's quite hard to find really really good ones, some look good but can be dry, my sis-in-law vik introduced me to the yummest cupcake shop in an ally way in melbourne called little cupcakes thats the shop in photo 3......delish
enjoy your wednesday go and buy yourself a cupcake
lisa xx

photos via here