Monday, December 19, 2011

my new/old couch

ok here is my new/old couch i'm in love with it.......
i saw it in the opp shop window and could not get it out of my head all day, i popped back in the
arvo and so many people were looking at it, my heart was racing i didn't want to lose it
i asked if they would discount it for me, and they did i was so excited i wanted to take it home
then and there but had to wait till the next day........
of course i couldn't get it out of my head, and we don't really have the room, so i've reshuffled a few
things and have put the two chairs that came with this wonderful couch on ebay {i'd love to keep them too but we really don't have the room, i was pushing it with the couch......
it was one of those things i would of regretted if i didn't get it {merry christmas to me hehehe}
i just love the fabric its velvety and underneath it has a beautiful blue linen, the cushions off the couch are made from feathers and it sits on wheels, they just don't really make them like this anymore, the workmanship that has gone into this couch is just amazing......
i've discribed it to a few friends and to be honest doesn't sound amazing but when i see/look at it i swoon.......
i just need a little rug underneath it now.......
i know it won't be for everyone but what do you think???????
have a wonderful week
lisa xx


  1. OMG! What a find Lisa - seriously, this is amazing. Love the shape, the colours, the whole she-bang! Excellent find. Well done! xx

  2. This couch is beyond fabulous! Good find and yes I am super jealous! xx

  3. Very cool Lisa! Love the shape :)

  4. Wow yippee to you! What a great find and the fabric is just gorgeous. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Mimi xx


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