Friday, December 23, 2011

happy christmas and cheers to a fantastic 2012

wow what a year.........full of challenges, new business, growth, dates, birthdays, growing boy, funeral, birth, camping, markets, meeting new people, opp shops, loads visitors, new fun things, picnics, movies, fun in the sun and the list could go on and on.......

i can say i wasn't expecting 2011 to be so busy and although i feel exhausted what a year, i'm really looking forward to 2012 and spending more time out and about exploring....

i hope you all have a wonderful christmas and thanks to each and everyone of you for following this blog and your wonderful comments, i just love christmas and all that it is a time i use to reflect and ponder on what has been and what is to come....

+ some pics
our dream is to one day have a white christmas {what country to choose?????}
smooch to all {hubbs is sitting beside me saying "fairy lights are so you"} oh yeah love the fairy lights
lisa xx

images via here


  1. I love fairy lights too. What gorgeous images! So magical.
    Wishing you a tremendous Christmas Lisa. Thanks for your bloggy friendship x

  2. Stunning images! Love the whimsical touch. Have a lovely Christmas with your family, Kellie xx

  3. Merry xmas to you & your lovely family, it would be fabulous to have a white christmas one day.
    I have tagged you for an award if you have time to drob by & grab it!!
    Happy new year!
    Cheers xxx


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