Thursday, December 15, 2011

zeke and zara + T4

it was so cool seeing these two together again, zeke was so excited for days saying, "zara zara zara" and on the day he kept saying it all morning, then when we arrived it took him a good half hour to warm up, truely it can be a little painful
{dude you've been excited for days}
do your children do the same thing???????
and other times he's not like that.........
anyway once he got over himself was so cute watching them, play, laugh, argue, run around.......
we just love visiting, and zeke has still been talking non stop about zara.........cute

+ T4
i'm thankful for beautiful fabrics, they make me feel inspired, creative and just happy
i found a beautiful lounge suite with the most amazing fabric, i wouldn't of looked twice
but the FABRIC, {it's like a piece of art on its own} photos to come next week.............
seems like a strange thing to be thankful 4 but i truely love fabrics, patterns, textures and
anything old at the moment........

enjoy your thursday
lisa xx


  1. What I cool bedroom Zara has! The look so cute together. And it's not silly to be thankful for fabrics, I totally get where you're coming from.
    Have a lovely day lovely,

  2. Zeke and Zara look so cute together. It looks like they are having a ball! xx

  3. Kids are funny, aren't they? Lovely pics of them too.
    I look forward to seeing the fabric/sofa, it sounds vet interesting :)


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