Wednesday, June 30, 2010

quote for wednesday

each of us can look back upon someone who made a great difference in our lives, 
someone whose wisdom or simple acts of caring made an impression upon us.
in all likelihood, it was someone who sought no recognition for their deed,
other than the joy of knowing that,
by their hand,
another's life had been made better.
lisa xox

Monday, June 28, 2010

point + shoot : fun @ the park

wow what a great weekend, busy but full of fun, i had a night out with
the girls, cocktail, movie and dinner and a friend had a sleep over, she wanted
to hang out with zekky when he woke up {too cute}...
and we decided after brunch lets go for a walk to the park
the sun was shining and was so beautiful,
of course zekky loved having all the attention from mum, dad and
auntie kell {whom zekky got to meet last week, auntie kell has
been travelling the}
that's her in the background......
later in the afternoon G {hubbs} wanted to take zekky to the playcentre
after we all had naps {me + G} included, oh so nice
hope you all had a great weekend!!!!!
join in fat mum slim's point and's a bit fun
lisa xox

Friday, June 25, 2010

house is officially on the market eekkk!!!!

well the sign went up yesterday and now we are on yup the house is officially on the market.....oh my goodness!!!!
our first open home this saturday so i've been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....
i was looking through the photos and thought my gosh, my bedroom looks so dull and flat, so i thought it was time for a change around {before the open home}
what do you think??? i think it was missing some colour you like the bedlinen??? my sister-in-law who is an interior designer in nz, org this bedlinen for my birthday which they sell at her amazing store the urban lounge.....i love it, so simple but stylish......
i think my next purchase i would like is the mustard throw from elk accessories....
have a great weekend everyone
lisa xox

Thursday, June 24, 2010

questions + answers

thanks janette from my sweet prints for including me in this fun game, it's nice too see everyone's answer and learn a bit more about you all......

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
i've always dreamed of paris, i havn't even been to visit yet so i'll start with that first,
i look forward to one day strolling the street's with G {hubbie} and little zekky and another little munchkin.....i'd live somewhere near a beach
3. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

ooohhhh this is a tuffy.....i always thought i'd like to be oprah for a day, but i'm thinking maybe one of my parents back in the day so i could observe what i was really like when i was younger rather than hearing all the stories.....
4. Concert or Broadway show?
i'd have to say broadway, haven't been to one in quite a few years, i wouldn't mind going to mary poppins
5. Theme song for your life?
one song in particular helped me through the late teens early twenties, i would turn it up so loud and literally jump on my bed, spin around the house, {while everyone was out} and dream dream dream of anything and everything i wanted in life and still when i hear it now i think {yeah i can do anything i put my mind too} hehehe
lenny kravitz = fly away = from the album 5
6. Would you choose a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant or a picnic in the park?
i love both, i'd have to say picnic though under an amazing big old tree, with all my family around me while the kids ran around and grandad chased them....of course with a delicous wine..
7. Favourite place to shop?
i love the markets, and i adore opp strange as this may sound i could get lost in a stationary shop or chemist i love them. 
8. Favourite movie?
yup the NOTEBOOK i love the story line, the cars, the outfits, the takes me on an emotional rollercoaster everytime, and after watching it i always say to G nothing can happen to you.....G {hubbie} often says "i wonder what it would of been like growing up in that era".....

thanks "J" i enjoyed that it was fun......and thanks to anyone who reads this, 
lisa xox

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

an inspiring wall display

I have a gorgeous friend who let me take photos of her daughters bedroom, she is one of my biggest fans {hehehe}
I loved what she did, with the butterfly frames in all different colours and she had a fantastic eye @ tying it all together nicely….
I love it when you have clusters with a variety of themes and sizes
i'm a big fan of tulle, and use it for loads of things......
and i'm a huge fan of fav colour is in the grey tones and of course i love anything white....
whats your favourite colour????

 lisa xox 

Monday, June 21, 2010

point + shoot : ledamae @ flemington markets

i enjoyed point and shoot so much last week i thought i'd do it again…..

this weekend ended up being a busy one, and mumma is a wittle bit tired today…
so great having the rain, the grass i’m sure is loving it and a good excuse to lounge around on the couch and watch dvd’s or snuggle down with a good magazine….
i thought i’d share my day {ledamae} @ the markets yesterday, and yes we were in the rain, it was great how many people came out to support all the local crafters, produce etc even in the rain.....
and to top it off being in amoungest so many amazing talented's like the coolest little community....
when i thought of the point + shoot {over @ fat mum slim} and taking photos i thought i'd take some photos of what it looks like from my view....enjoy might see you next week
 lisa xox 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

an adorable little friendship

it is such a pleasure watching these two little people zekky and zara together…..they have {over time} formed this cute little friendship, like all good friendships it has developed slowly…..,through watching each other, taking toys off one another and sharing food…..

zara is so cute she’s often heard saying “zekky zekky zekky” over and over, so my dear friend Sylvia say’s ok it’s time to visit zekky….
zara likes to fuss over zekky {feeds him food, gives him drink} and to be honest I think he loves it!!!!!

so i thought I’d share it through captured photos, dialog etc and watch all the mischievous and imaginative goings on these two encounter….

will be a fun journey to watch…   lisa xox 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

quotes / affirmations / wise words !!!!

this morning while doing my makeup i looked at my little blackboard i have by my mirror in my bathroom, at the moment i have [anything is possible] ,i love words, quotes etc, that make me feel inspired, motivated.....

i remember as a little girl, my dad had a note on the dashboard of the car that inspired him every time he hopped into the car.....

i have a few books that i get quotes from that i thought i would share with you off and on, my favourite quote is: 
faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see
do you have any favourite quotes/saying????

ps......i often use a liquid chalk pen or lip liner on mirrors also

have a great arvo

lisa xox

Monday, June 14, 2010

point + shoot : selling our house

this is my first point and shoot......thought it looked a bit fun!!!! well we are putting the house on the market so i thought i'd take a few photos for the realestate agent (even though they will be taking some themselves)...
we've been in the house for almost 2 years, and i think i'm going to be a little bit sad to leave....
we did build the house purely as an the moment we are westies, but my heart wants to be near the looks like we are moving to the mornington peninsula, a bit nervous but excited about the beach, wineries, markets you name it and only 1/2 hour drive from hubby's work, instead of an hour and 1/2 who knows if the house sells for a good price we might be building again!!! FUN FUN FUN.......
when i look around and see evrything we have done with the house it's been a pretty cool process, we polished the concrete floors did all the landscaping thanks to the help of my sisters hubby jayden!!!!
i've said loads i love diy and yup, why pay someone when you can do it yourself and save $$$$$
i have so many photos but this is a taste of my point and shoot, thanks for letting me be apart of it and look forward to maybe doing it again......
if you'd like to be apart of this point and shoot, have a go and see what others have been up too
enjoy the day off
lisa xox 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

from the circular collection - by ledamae on madeit

from the circular collection - by ledamae on madeit

i was really excited to be featured and see these artworks on the madeit blog and yes
it has taken me a few weeks to add it to my blog......still learning the ropes have to say it is a wee bit fun!!!
madeit is such a fantastic site, if you want something really unique and handmade madeit is the website to visit, if you'd like to see some of the other artworks from the circular collection click here 
enjoy the rest of your week
lisa xox 

delicious salad

fresh beetroot and goats cheese was delicious, i have skimmed past it in the cookbook so many times and always wanted to try it... i made thai chicken sausage rolls (love pastry) for dinner and wanted a salad to have with it, i get very bored with the same old salads so it was time to try it out.....

i did however use danish fetta (because it was already in the fridge) instead of goats cheese and after boiling the beetroot i roasted them.......yum yum yummy the dressing was so tasty (i was in heaven)hubby dosn't really like beetroot so all the more for me and vik......

i think a carrot and coriander salad would of been good with the thai chicken rolls, if anyone has a good recipe for one and doesn't mind passing it on please email me a copy.....hubby loves it when masterchef is on i tend to "cook yummy stuff"
lisa xox 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

un unexpected visitor!!!!

we live arcoss the road from a lake, which is so beautiful and peaceful especially when you see swans floating on the still water with the moon shining down on them..... 

anyway we have had a friendly white duck arrive in the neighbourhood about 4 weeks ago he/she waddles across the road and visits us anytime were outside, well it's taken a step further....
on tuesday the little white ducky decided to follow me into the house, zeke thought this was very funny, he kept looking up at me (as if to say) "is this ok"?
of course mummy got some bread for zeke to feed the white ducky.....after some time it was time to say goodbye...

thank goodness for concrete polished floors, yes there was some poop for mumma to clean up....oh well it was a fun afternoon for zekky, so cute watching there faces full of delight

lisa xox 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

finally finished zekky's room

well i have finally got zekky's artwork up on the wall, and i love it, 
we have collected quite a few artworks along the way and mumma has done a few as well, our latest artwork purchased was the one in the black frame like the old bus stop signs through the madeit website from 
i love that the artwork chosen is a mixture of black white and wood with hints of colour, orange, teal, yellow......
i do like playing around with decor its so much fun and like a canvas, you can add too or take away till your hearts content.....

we also had this eye chart custom made through my sweet prints saying.......

"we love you ezekiel loads and loads"

which looks great on his shelf, not everything needs to be hung, and i love little clusters.....

now i just need to find a bed for him (white) of course, if anyone knows of some great design eg, loft bed with drawers underneath or day bed please let me know!!!!
lisa xox