Monday, July 30, 2012

new cushion + red hill vintage market

front and back of a new cushion made.......
not sure about you, have you noticed all the fluro colours with fashion etc??????
i have to admit i'm not totally into them for clothing { maybe the odd piece}
but totally loving it with decor

i bought this mustard fabric from the recycle centre and found some buttons i had lying around
and decided to use fluro pink thread {very subtle } but kinda cool and i like that the two sides
are different so you can flip it for  a change......

+ here are some photos of the red hill vintage markets
it is a new market just started up so we were at the very first one and it was loads of fun
the next one will be on sunday 26th august come and see us.......
how was your weekend??????????
we had a busy but fun one
had a pirate birthday party to go to
stayed with my cousins in hampton and kate made two beautiful curries for dinner
caught the train into the vik markets { haven't been there for ages }
met the cutest little baby tia who was born on tuesday { so a very new bubba }
had dinner at d.o.c yummmmmmmmm
thanks for popping by lisa xx

Monday, July 23, 2012

some treats + pics from 'the vintage shed'

felt wee bit spoilt last week with some treats, my girlfriend sylvia has always been a fan and supportive of my little business ventures, and knows how much i love cool old things, i visited my old stomping
ground in caroline springs and she had this beautiful print + clock for me......spoilt much
also my cute little neighbour betty {she is i think 92} gave me this cool as chair, love love love them all
again feeling wee bit spoilt + friend liane gave me this very cool crocheted apron/wrap {its been around for three generations} yay
.............are you a friend who likes giving gifts???????

+ some recent pics of twiceBAKED + rasberry kisses down at the shed {the vintage shed}
if you haven't been there it is a must so many treasures

+ some handpainting to add a wee splash of colour to a white dish

i would have done my blog post this morning but instead me and zekky went to the beach and
it was so so lovely my batteries feel recharged, the sun's been out all day
enjoy your monday evening lisa xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

georgias adventures in melbourne

we had such a fab time with georgia while she was here.....
so thought i'd put together some of the photos taken {like a journal entry for her too}
photos below are of

* georgia on the peninsula at the beach
* at the shrine of remembrance
* art gallery
* lunching on southbank
* outdoor movies at dromana
* in the city with the aunties
* allyways
* cupcake shop

we did so much more but don't want to overwhelm with tooooo many photos

+ the last photo is of my new gummies ON SALE of course hehehehe

sssshhhheeeeesssshhhhhh was that a long post or what......i did want to post this monday but have been a little unwell, another day chilling by the heater, hope to get back here this week for a madeit find
hope your having a wonderful week smooch to all lisa xx

Monday, July 9, 2012

fun filled weekend of music + friends + hot rods

# me ivana + andrew's reflection in the most amazing white wall tyre

wow what a fun filled weekend our wonderful friend lissie came and stayed for a few nights, and spent the weekend exploring and stubbling across a few treats, lissie found a new shop in blairgowrie called white nest {a must visit}
my neice georgia played and sung at a cafe outside of rosebud called onshore {have never been before and pretty good coffee}
and while we sat in the cafe all these hot rods went past and realized the hot rod winter cruise was on in sorrento so off for a drive we all went.......
and to finish the night georgia played at liquid also.........i seriously could listen to her sing forever
then it was dinner and colouring our hair hehehehehe us crazy aunties are sure gonna miss her when
she leaves on wed.......

a few snaps of the day

georgia playing at onshore 
the very adorable ivana + andrew hanging for the day
uncle greg + baby jet
ivana working it, so many amazing cars
of course greg is on the ground checking out the airbags {zeke was in heaven}
my favourite beautiful
georgia playing at liquid.......

how was your weekend?????? did you do any exploring or impromptus?????
have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by
smooch lisa xx

Monday, July 2, 2012

lunch in south melbourne with fams

yesterday morning me + vik went to the airport to pick up our niece georgia.......{she is so grown up} we were chuckling between us {me + vik} saying when she was younger we may have been the
cool aunties now we are prob the older boring aunties hehehehehe
george is just so so lovely and inspiring, and it is so nice having her here in melbourne with us for a wee bit........
here are some pics of this very cool cafe vik introduced us to in south melbourne
the photo above of my lunch doesn't look pretty of course i started hooking into it before a photo
but it was so delish, salmon, poached egg, lemon aioli, potato + salad yummo
and outside the cafe most of the street was graffitied LOVE IT.....
then our afternoon was spent at dfo, then family dinner........wonder what else we'll get up
to this week??????
hope you all had a wonderful weekend smooch lisa