Monday, July 30, 2012

new cushion + red hill vintage market

front and back of a new cushion made.......
not sure about you, have you noticed all the fluro colours with fashion etc??????
i have to admit i'm not totally into them for clothing { maybe the odd piece}
but totally loving it with decor

i bought this mustard fabric from the recycle centre and found some buttons i had lying around
and decided to use fluro pink thread {very subtle } but kinda cool and i like that the two sides
are different so you can flip it for  a change......

+ here are some photos of the red hill vintage markets
it is a new market just started up so we were at the very first one and it was loads of fun
the next one will be on sunday 26th august come and see us.......
how was your weekend??????????
we had a busy but fun one
had a pirate birthday party to go to
stayed with my cousins in hampton and kate made two beautiful curries for dinner
caught the train into the vik markets { haven't been there for ages }
met the cutest little baby tia who was born on tuesday { so a very new bubba }
had dinner at d.o.c yummmmmmmmm
thanks for popping by lisa xx


  1. The cushion looks great Lisa. I'm into a bit of fluoro too at the moment. It's a bit of fun.
    I awlways like to see goodies displayed in matching colours - must be the artist in me.
    Vic Market, I haven't been there in the longest time. I do remember the donuts though :)

  2. The cushion is fab, love both sides. Also like the look of the Red Hill markets, I think I will try to get to the next one. Gx

  3. Gee you have so many goodies I'd love to get my hands on!! x


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