Monday, July 23, 2012

some treats + pics from 'the vintage shed'

felt wee bit spoilt last week with some treats, my girlfriend sylvia has always been a fan and supportive of my little business ventures, and knows how much i love cool old things, i visited my old stomping
ground in caroline springs and she had this beautiful print + clock for me......spoilt much
also my cute little neighbour betty {she is i think 92} gave me this cool as chair, love love love them all
again feeling wee bit spoilt + friend liane gave me this very cool crocheted apron/wrap {its been around for three generations} yay
.............are you a friend who likes giving gifts???????

+ some recent pics of twiceBAKED + rasberry kisses down at the shed {the vintage shed}
if you haven't been there it is a must so many treasures

+ some handpainting to add a wee splash of colour to a white dish

i would have done my blog post this morning but instead me and zekky went to the beach and
it was so so lovely my batteries feel recharged, the sun's been out all day
enjoy your monday evening lisa xx

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  1. You are very lucky what awesome friends and what great finds, they know you well :) I have seen a few of those white soup pots with the spoon at op shops I really want to buy one but Im running out of room in my kitchen cupboards!


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