Tuesday, February 12, 2013

wow it has been sooooooo long, is anyone still in blogland who remembers me hehehehe

what have i been up toooo?????????
what have you all been up too???????
well ive decided to just pay for now, seriously i feel toooo overwhelmed at the moment
and really for a few dollars a month to not worry about, im totally happy with that......

so this year has been extremely busy already but i cant complain because this is what ive wanted
if you dont know already im helping hubbs out where i can with our business www.rollcages.com.au
loads of things happening there and loving the journey with him....

i also have been making a real effort to reconnect with people as the end of last year i had lost touch with some and as most of you are in a similair boat oct | nov | dec {blink and you miss it}

so i'll leave you with some snaps of the past month or so and yay im back {lets hope i can keep up}
christmas time.......
things I've been doing up | making
and just to finish the photo overload, a photo from my girls weekend in a 1963 impala v8 baby oh yeah
enjoy your week lovelies and hope to post again next week
smooch lisa xx