Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i'm still here and missing you all loads, my patience has been very thin
my computer has been in at the shop and is a dream but my internet connection has been playing up something chronic, can you believe it's taken me 2 hours to do this post.........AHHHHHHH
i've popped into some of your blogs and tryed leaving comments and of course i've had to retype comments 6 times and still doesn't go through
i've been on the phone with vodafone 4 times and no one can help me so i'm on the look out for a
new provider
so i need some help at the moment i'm using a vodafone usb stick but need a proper connection
what do you use or recommend i would love any help
and i'm hoping to be back up soon, totally missing whats been happening in your worlds
and can't wait to catch up on everything lisa xx

Sunday, May 8, 2011


happy happy mother's day, to my beautiful mum.........
mum you are and have been an amazing mother, not just to me but to so many, your heart and your home have always been open to other's, you made meals out of nothing and whenever we had
friends over, there was always enough for everyone....
i often had friends that would say "i wish i had your mum" and it's not until being a bit older and wiser that i think, i'm so thankful YOUR MY MUM
i love you and who you are my mum claire bogue
with so much love for you your lisa mae xxxx

# happy mother's day to all you wonderful mother's out there hope you've all felt speesh today 

Friday, May 6, 2011

have a great weekend

sorry for the lack of posts......my computer connection is justs poos at the moment

i was in at the apple store yesterday and computer is fine and dandy so now vodafone is looking
at connection, uploading photos etc has been taking hours......even doing this post has taken way too long with the photo, i forget how much i rely on my laptop for keeping in touch running an online website etc

so hoping by the end of next week everything will be sorted, so have a wonderful mother's day all you wonderful mother's........lisa xx

# photo - our little family went for a walk the other night, hubbs found this flower on the footpath and popped it behind my ear {then was trying to be the arty photographer} cute man