Sunday, May 8, 2011


happy happy mother's day, to my beautiful mum.........
mum you are and have been an amazing mother, not just to me but to so many, your heart and your home have always been open to other's, you made meals out of nothing and whenever we had
friends over, there was always enough for everyone....
i often had friends that would say "i wish i had your mum" and it's not until being a bit older and wiser that i think, i'm so thankful YOUR MY MUM
i love you and who you are my mum claire bogue
with so much love for you your lisa mae xxxx

# happy mother's day to all you wonderful mother's out there hope you've all felt speesh today 


  1. Happy mother's day Lisa. I hope you had a nice day :)

  2. Happy Mothers Day Lisa, hope you got a bit spoilt today xx

  3. Hope you had a happy mother's day Lisa. Lovely photo! x


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