Thursday, October 28, 2010

madeit find : ankle warmers

how cool are these crocheted ankle warmers!!!!

i love that they are made using pure australian wool, as soon as i saw this photo i had to use it for my madeit find, they are made by mel p designs - vintage inspired modern crochet.....
we love madeit......
lisa xx

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

painted toe nails

the weather is getting warmer and warmer and i love day light savings yeeepy.....
i don't know about you all but i love having painted toe nails, i don't think i ever have them not done
i have this little tradition....every summer i buy a new nail polish and it's my new summer colour
as you can imagine i do have a few nail polish's.......i use o.p.i, orly or revlon
i know this seems like a random post but i love summer/christmas and i know i'll be getting a new nailpolish soon...YAY, do you have a favourite nail polish/colour.....
can you guess which set of toes are mine????????
let's make this fun, the first person to guess which toes/photo is mine will get a new nail polish in the post {unless your one of my girlfriends and know which photo belongs to me hehehehe}
have a great wednesday everyone
lisa xx

Thursday, October 21, 2010

madeit find : hanging glass bubble

my madeit find this week is this amazing hanging glass bubble......
from the store terradctl you can find it here......i love that it can be hung or can sit on a bench top, shelf etc and it is sold in a beautiful kit love love love
now for me thats a seller, everything is gift wrapped and ready you don't have to go and source everything yourself, hope your all having a wonderful day
lisa xx

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

realliving is inspirational

i feel totally privileged to be in realliving magazine.........if you haven't read one yet you are totally missing out.....
it is such a good read and gives loads of up to date advise........check us out on page 20 {fun fun fun}
also i had no idea my very dear friend janette from {my sweet prints} was in the magazine also check it out here.......
she has one of her very unique routine bus scrolls which you can customize for your routine, we got one for zeke and he loves it {see below}
so put your feet up and flick through the fabulous pages of realliving...........
lisa xox

Monday, October 18, 2010

we have moved!!!!! + a sneek peek @ our new rental

we have moved.........few drama's along the way, but we are here now {mornington} and am totally enjoying being just around the corner from the beach
yesterday we attended the mornington festival, then lunch at box station, then a lovely stroll along the beach.......a day off unpacking YAY!!!!!!
we had to sell a few things before the move as the rental house we have moved into is a little smaller than what we have been accustomed's such a refreshing feeling getting rid of some stuff
here is a sneek peek of a little nook in our new little rental.........
what do you think of my new chair?????? i love it and it is so so comfy, as some of you know our house we built had a few chandeliers and moving into a rental where you can't really change lights around why not buy a chandelier lamp so i can move it and take it wherever i go........
i've missed you all and will be looking at all your lovely blogs to catch up on what's been happening feel a little out of the loop....hope you all had a wonderful weekend
lisa xox

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

diy buffet

i have been searching for a buffet to use as a tv unit for quite sometime, and all the ones i loved and watched would all go for about $580 or higher, my budget was $200 i thought if i was going to spend around $600 then i may as well go brand new.........just over a week ago i found this buy now for $150 it didn't look solid timber and for that price no it was only veneer but it was the shape i wanted and i loved the mustard glass {of course} so we thought lets paint it, it took us 4 days all up maybe 2hrs.......this isn't a good photo i took it from my ebay account {forgot to take some before shots}
so we painted it black {shock i know as i love everything white, but when you have big black speakers that are a wee bit of an isore but they are hubbs the options are go black} and i love it, the shelves we wrapped in left over wallpaper
the two end drawers are covered in wallpaper also but the middle one i thought i'd do it a little different and used some left over flocked paper
this photo below is the ikea cabinet we had been using for the past 5 years, which will be going in zeke's room..........don't the speakers look a wee bit funny????
from this

to this..............the finished result I LOVE IT and all up it cost me $200 including paint, and with loads of storage for remotes {don't like them lying around} dvd's, cd's.........what do you think?????

Friday, October 1, 2010

madeit find : + a wee bit of pretty

today on madeit i came across these very cute handmade vintage floral trimming from atelier in paris 
it can be used for home decor, craft projects, collage, glass jar wraps, quilting, journals and so so much more.....this fabric is from the 70' so pretty
and a few other pretty things

a few random pictures that made me smile today, have a great weekend.....
and i hope you all get to relax a little bit
lisa xox

images from madeit and weheartit