Thursday, October 28, 2010

madeit find : ankle warmers

how cool are these crocheted ankle warmers!!!!

i love that they are made using pure australian wool, as soon as i saw this photo i had to use it for my madeit find, they are made by mel p designs - vintage inspired modern crochet.....
we love madeit......
lisa xx


  1. Thanks so much Lisa for featuring my leg warmers! x mel

  2. Very funky leg warmers Lisa, what a great find. Who picked the right toenails from your last post? I love summer too and I can't wait for some beach time this year! Thank you for your lovely comments and support, it really does make my day when I hear from you and its so nice to know that I have friends that care. xx

  3. These are cool! I wish I could crochet there are so many amazing things to make :) I hoe you're having a good week and enjoying the beach!

  4. They're cute! Mel's very talented and you have a great eye for fab things
    hope ur enjoying this beautiful weather! Do u find that a lovely sunny day with the air crisp and fresh, gives you energy and makes you so so happy? Love sunny spring days

  5. hehehehe a friend just emailed me to tell me i had put angle warmers instead of ankle......i didn't even notice and i put it twice {such a muppett} not a good speller at all...........
    thanks for all you lovely comments it so makes my day have a great weekend xx


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