Tuesday, October 26, 2010

painted toe nails

the weather is getting warmer and warmer and i love day light savings yeeepy.....
i don't know about you all but i love having painted toe nails, i don't think i ever have them not done
i have this little tradition....every summer i buy a new nail polish and it's my new summer colour
as you can imagine i do have a few nail polish's.......i use o.p.i, orly or revlon
i know this seems like a random post but i love summer/christmas and i know i'll be getting a new nailpolish soon...YAY, do you have a favourite nail polish/colour.....
can you guess which set of toes are mine????????
let's make this fun, the first person to guess which toes/photo is mine will get a new nail polish in the post {unless your one of my girlfriends and know which photo belongs to me hehehehe}
have a great wednesday everyone
lisa xx


  1. I think maybe the 4th picture down with the toe ring? I love an assortment of colours - love nudes, love coral and I love a real fiery red.

  2. nothing says summer like painted toes dug into the sand - love it!

  3. hahaha..I dont have a clue but I love all the nail polish colours:) Such a sweet post! Enjoy the lovely weather

  4. The 3rd set?:D

    I like deep reds, no matter what time of year!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I reckon the second - but they're all gorgeous colours

  6. I would like to think the first pic, just because its a great photo, lol, I love my toes painted red, they just seem all dressed up & ready to play when thir painted!!

  7. Hi Lisa I'm plumping for the last one. I'm a huge OPI fan too! j X

  8. Painted toes are a must in summer. Especially with all the open toe shoes/sandals etc... My guess is that your toes are the ones covered in Mornington Beach sand! ;-)

  9. My guess was the toe ring one but I'm actually hoping it's the last pic as I love that nail polish colour and would love to know the brand/shade :) I always have my toenails painted too, even in winter. I usually go for pearly shades but I'm going to try a bit more colour this summer :)

  10. Cute post! I love to see coloured toes too. I'm going to go with the last image as, like Amanda, I love this shade. Michelle

  11. hey ladies.......i love that you all like painted toes too, meg which was the first post is the winner so flick me your details lovely lady and there will be a new polish in the post......thanks for having a bit of fun ladies and i have to agree the last post loving the colour lisa xx


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