Thursday, October 21, 2010

madeit find : hanging glass bubble

my madeit find this week is this amazing hanging glass bubble......
from the store terradctl you can find it here......i love that it can be hung or can sit on a bench top, shelf etc and it is sold in a beautiful kit love love love
now for me thats a seller, everything is gift wrapped and ready you don't have to go and source everything yourself, hope your all having a wonderful day
lisa xx


  1. It's cute and unique.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. hi i'm new here just wanted to say hi and loving your blog..pop over and say hi anytime over at melli's XX
    p.s loving the bubble vase very cute

  3. Ohh totally love it:) I always wanted to have one of those in my place:)

  4. I love these hanging balls. I also saw something similar in a garden store in Balwyn (see you live in Melbourne) but more in a small hurricane lamp shape, looked great. I also just got the latest edition of Real Living mag today and saw your post below. I love the mag too. G


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