Tuesday, October 5, 2010

diy buffet

i have been searching for a buffet to use as a tv unit for quite sometime, and all the ones i loved and watched would all go for about $580 or higher, my budget was $200 i thought if i was going to spend around $600 then i may as well go brand new.........just over a week ago i found this buy now for $150 it didn't look solid timber and for that price no it was only veneer but it was the shape i wanted and i loved the mustard glass {of course} so we thought lets paint it, it took us 4 days all up maybe 2hrs.......this isn't a good photo i took it from my ebay account {forgot to take some before shots}
so we painted it black {shock i know as i love everything white, but when you have big black speakers that are a wee bit of an isore but they are hubbs the options are go black} and i love it, the shelves we wrapped in left over wallpaper
the two end drawers are covered in wallpaper also but the middle one i thought i'd do it a little different and used some left over flocked paper
this photo below is the ikea cabinet we had been using for the past 5 years, which will be going in zeke's room..........don't the speakers look a wee bit funny????
from this

to this..............the finished result I LOVE IT and all up it cost me $200 including paint, and with loads of storage for remotes {don't like them lying around} dvd's, cd's.........what do you think?????


  1. Lisa that is fantastic!!!!!!!
    Wow what a difference and it looks so good, the black really compliments the mustard glass.
    And the speakers look great on either size, it's made them look half the size now.

    And I love the wallpaper lining in the draws. Fantastic job my dear!

  2. I think you're a decorating genius!

    I probably wouldn't have looked at this unit twice before, but now....WOW!

    Nice styling with the tray and simple arrangement BTW.

    x Felicity

  3. I love it! Love the shape and the black definately blends with the speakers :)

  4. OMG that is amazing!!!!
    You are so good,sweetie
    Kisses and have a great day

  5. Hey Lisa, nice job!!! I love the black and the lining of the draws. It really makes the speakers far less intrusive. I also like your silver tray, very cute. Well done. ;-)

  6. Oh Lisa, I LOVE IT!!! What a fantastic piece of furniture you have transformed that old buffet into - I really like the black and the wallpaper linings/shelves are a lovely touch. This entertainment unit of yours has so much more character than anything you could have bought new. I wish I could score something so lovely on ebay :) I have the same dilema with my hubby's ugly speakers which are almost identical to your ones - am trying to convince him to replace them with something smaller :)

  7. HI LIsa, the unit looks great in black a massive transformation!

  8. Great transformatioN! what type of paint was used? is it a charcoal rather than a black?

  9. I LOVE IT TOO! Haha. Very inspiring!

  10. How fantastic! I love it! Good work lady x

  11. Wow Lisa it looks great.. funny I just did the same with an art deco cabinet.. looked quite tired so painted it black! Yours looks fab.. loving the house and beach photo's! Roll on summer! Mel :)


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