Monday, January 9, 2012

good times......

i've truely had the best christmas and new years, and loved being on the peninula this year and taking the time to relax and catch up with friends..........some of what we did

ararat with the chalmers family {the best time ever} opened their home to the crazy kiwis and shared their christmas
mornington markets
montalto winery
day at the kneen's in the pool {always fun hanging}
the best dinner date at the cahill's {so so delish}
day at the beach with greg {eating doc pizza, yumm}
new years with elissa and her wonderful family {best new years i've had in years}
movie day at chaddy with greg
fish n chips at the beach with group of friends watching the kids swim/sun on our backs {bliss}
loads of dvd watching in front of the aircon unit {god bless the person who invented aircon}
christmas carols in mt martha
day trip to flinders with lissie {funnest day}
tempura night with elissa, melissa and kids yum yum
loads of beach trips and bobbing up and down in the water
visited the red hill kitchen {thanks lissie} yumm yumm
didn't do any blogging
enjoyed wine, cheese and all the yummy food you can think of
and again the list could go on an on, and have prob forgotten some things
i'm not into new years resolutions but one thing i want to do more of this year is CAMPING!!!!!!!!
hope you all had a wonderful time with family, friends, and am looking forward to the
journey of 2012 and whatever it holds......

enjoy your week lisa xx