Monday, January 31, 2011

point + shoot : my boys cooking

my first point and shoot for 2011, my goal this year is too do more than last year, i've been a little slow on the blogging so far this year......
anyway check out my two boys, zeke just loves his daddy, they are whipping the egg whites they made {mile high strawberry pie} and it was delish, hope you all had a great weekend, if you'd like to join in point and shoot check it out at fatmumslim
lisa xx

Monday, January 24, 2011

yay my second award

yay my second award and it's from the lovely simone at honey and fizz, who gave me my first award.....feeling the love thanks simone, made my day and sorry i only realized as zeke's been sick so havn't been on for a while so perfect way to start my blogging goes 7 things about me {that you might not know}
when you are given this "stylin blog award", then you have to pay it forward and honour the rules:    
# thank and link back to the person who awarded you 
# share 7 things about yourself 
# award to 10 great bloggers 
# contact those bloggers and tell them about the award

1. i love laughing the kind where your crying/peeing your pants...
2. i love cosy up on the couch with a blankie to watch a movie with in pouring down outside....bliss
3. my nickname as a little person was "leader mae" / "leader mae not" my name is lisa mae!! and that's where ledamae came from
4. you know when i'm tired cause my voice sounds mannish (very croaky)
5. we did ivf to get our adorable little man zeke
6. i love going to the beauty therapist/day spa makes me feel posh....
7. i truly feel grateful for everything i have and have been given....

thanks for taking the time to read this post
lisa xx

and the ten i'm passing it onto

nattie from simplynattie
ange from chair up
michelle from paper tree studio
megs from edan rose
k. ryan from pretty things
georgy from georgyg design
flick from everyday chick

thanks loads simone xx

Thursday, January 20, 2011

madeit find : meadowsweet bubble dress

isn't this the cutest madeit find......the name say's it all, this adorable meadowsweet bubble dress is by charlie bird clothing.........DESCRIPTION....Soft and delicate flowers, gentle breeze, lazy days spent in the countryside. The Meadowsweet bubble dress inspired by the sweet things you would find, well - in a meadow. Made from super light and soft Japanese voile, fully lined with cap sleeves and elasticized bubble hem. Finished with a sweet posy made from linen and a vintage button
i also loved the description about the dress, reading it i totally pictured myself in a meadow.......
what would your meadow look like????????
have a great evening all, i can't believe it's friday tomorrow already
and am looking forward to the weekend big smooch
meadow picture from here
lisa xx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

feeling a bit lost without my boy

feeling totally lost without my little man today......
i thought it would get easier, last week i was fine this week i'm missing him
it's only been 2 hours, i think because i know he is there for longer today..........
does it get easier?????
he's been with me at home for almost 3 years, he's my little dude he is delightful, he warms my heart and brings a smile to my face, it totally takes you by surprise how these little people make you feel.......i do love his cheekyness too, bit cheeky like his mumma hehehe
do you have little one's starting childcare???? how did you feel?????
hope your all having a great day
lisa xx

Friday, January 14, 2011

a big week in the martin household

this is another big year for change.........change is good [hard sometimes, but good]
we have had a few first's in our home this week, i made my first loaf of bread......and it was delish [i'm eating a slice now as i type with my cup of coffee, one of the changes this year was to invest in a bread maker.....we are saving money as it's cheaper than buying bread, and doesn't contain preservatives and anything artifical, and did i mention it tastes GOOD [even the crust] it's fun to make and the house smells wonderful while cooking
zeke started childcare this week, so mummy's emotion's have been all over the show, i was so surprised he did really well [and has been eating whatever they have been putting in front of him] so next week i'll be leaving him for longer, my boy is growing up fast [almost time for another me thinks]

and some other exciting news, we became business owners this week, check it out here...........hub [greg] has been working here for about 4-5 years and the opportunity came up to buy it with a few other the saying goes [when opportunity knocks] sometimes i think you have to listen for it or it may pass you by.......

also i've made a few changes to my blogging page, and sooooooooo need help with my banner [am not too savyy] if anyone can give me some tips i'd love it eg: what program to use
also what do you think of the music in the background [is it annoying or do you like it???????]

it's been a crazy week, i've been txting, emailing friends in QLD hoping they are all ok.........i'm so fond of this beautiful country and call it home, and to see this happening in the country you live is just heart breaking.......out of all this devastation it has been amazing seeing people rally together in a united front and helping wherever they the midst of turmoil there is hope......much love to all
lisa xx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

HELLO first post in 2011

wow three weeks goes so so quickly....
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas and happy new year to you all, 2011 is going to be a good one i just know it....
we had a great christmas with family and it was so good seeing my nana and grandad and zeke finally getting to meet them and some other family members too...
i do need to remember that going back to nz is never really a holiday as it's crazy crazy with visiting people and moving from one place to the next, however it was fun
i missed melbourne and am happy to be home, i've come back feeling inspiried and looking forward to the year ahead, also looking froward to making a few changes {read more, more wellbeing in my life, and sometimes just to be} 
big smooch to you all and thanks for all your lovely messages before i left.....
these cute photos were taken by my delish niece georgia
lisa xx