Thursday, January 20, 2011

madeit find : meadowsweet bubble dress

isn't this the cutest madeit find......the name say's it all, this adorable meadowsweet bubble dress is by charlie bird clothing.........DESCRIPTION....Soft and delicate flowers, gentle breeze, lazy days spent in the countryside. The Meadowsweet bubble dress inspired by the sweet things you would find, well - in a meadow. Made from super light and soft Japanese voile, fully lined with cap sleeves and elasticized bubble hem. Finished with a sweet posy made from linen and a vintage button
i also loved the description about the dress, reading it i totally pictured myself in a meadow.......
what would your meadow look like????????
have a great evening all, i can't believe it's friday tomorrow already
and am looking forward to the weekend big smooch
meadow picture from here
lisa xx

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  1. How gorgeous, makes me think of my daughter when she was learning to run and can imagine chasing her across a daisy covered meadow in this. G


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