Sunday, April 4, 2010

baking something new

baking something new
sunday, 21st march, 2010
i’ve felt pretty inspired of late, watching my kitchen rules, house and garden, and all the numerous cooking shows. have you ever watched a cooking show where you hear the ingredients and it’s like you can smell it, your mouth starts watering, then before you know it you don’t feel like having what you’ve got planned for dinner???.......yup that happens to me often........
this year i want to try some new recipes and this is one i came across in a magazine recently, key lime pie........i had a mini dinner party (they are so much fun) with a very special friend and tried it out it was scrumptious......a great size for a dinner party of about 8-10
good food for me is like art i suppose the colours, textures, presentation......think of a big white plate as a canvas.....what will you create, i’ll post my next recipe attempt and maybe even take a snap shot, if anyone would like the recipe email me.