Wednesday, June 27, 2012

madeit find: + shilouttes

my first madeit find in like forever........and i have to admit i've missed it, i really love finding amazing handmade things from other people, and this framed picture is just delightful, how adorable is the shiloutte picture from the paper owl, handmade by love love

+ some other shiloutte pitures i adore

+ my favourite just cause i think its too cute

i hope you've enjoyed the line up to be honest {striving for transpency}
i've had this waiting since zekkys peter pan party, and i'm finally getting on top of things
again.......have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for stopping by
smooch lisa xx

images via here

Monday, June 25, 2012

a wonderful time with grandad dad + mum

wow i've had the best few weeks with my grandad dad + mum visiting from nz......i feel like i've needed the past week to recover hehehehe
my grandad is 90 in a few months and he was amazing we did so much stuff, here is a list of the things we did while they were here

. visited the shrine of remembrance
. walked to the beach twice
. day trip to sorrento/portsea
. lunch at federation square
. eureka sky deck 88 floors high
. annie at the regent theatre
. flinders
. chocolate factory
. wine tasting + lunch at t'gallant
. yummo dinner at cousin adams
. took them all to the vintage shed
. crown casino
. sovereign hill in ballarat
. family day with cuzzys in rosebud
. robert gordon in pakenham
. lunch on the top of the hill at arthurs seat
. visited masters for the first time
. visited gregs workshop
. and loads of other little things in between

it was a whirlwind two weeks and have to admit have been missing them this past week
some great memories, my favourite parts were sitting down and hearing these amazing stories that i had never heard before and learning new things about my grandad........
and two favourite days were me + grandad going into the city and watching annie {fantastic} the
costumes, singing fun fun and the day grandad, dad, mum + myself drove
to ballarat and went to sovereign hill amazing i've lived here 9 years and finally went there
a must......

i hope you've all had a wonderful monday.......
this has seriously taken me all day to do, not sure why its been taking forever to upload photos
aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh......but its done yay
i hope you all have a fab week and i'm hoping to be on here this week for a madeit find
thanks michelle for you comments smooch lisa xx

ps.....some very exciting things happening at the moment {thanks to the herald sun eeeeekkkkkkk}

Friday, June 1, 2012

fun week with nikki + joshy

not the best photo but still fun capturing the moment, i know its been ages since i posted anything and it has been a busy month, my very dear friend nikki and her little joshy came over from nz for a week
and boy what fun it was, i've known nikki since i was 15 we {blondie in the middle} worked together hairdressing and have such fond memories.......
it is so nice having friends who have known you for years, they know the ends and outs the sad and happy and i feel very blessed and enriched having her as a friend and in my life...
i txt her 3 weeks before she came saying i missed her next minute {nek minute} she had tickets booked
{like i said very blessed}.......

we were so so happy our little boys zeke + joshy hit it off straight away, holding hands at the airport, we were both pregnant at the same time and i think they are 1-2 weeks apart
some fun things we did

* day trip to flinders + red hill
* chadstone shopping day
* mornington markets
* dinner with the girls kate, bron + vik
* walk to the beach down the pier
* boys had a play date at the play centre
* got inspired by nikki cooking
* had a sussie home maker day {nikki made soup, cake etc}
* had a dvd day with the boys {a chillax}
* had a lovely lunch at berkley nursery
* introduced nikki to my fav shop {T2}
* drove down the amazing arthers seat

here are a few snaps of the boys playing too
i've finally got a new computer so i should be up and running a bit more, but have to admit i'm just enjoying life and at the moment have my grandad and dad + mum from nz for just over 2 weeks so i'm sure i'll have photos to share......
i truly hope your all well and loving life too, thanks for the comments and taking the time
to flick through this little blog.......
smooch lisa xx