Tuesday, September 27, 2011

madeit find : + alice in wonderland

my madeit find this week is this very cute green tile from zinniapea which has been hand inked with a quote from alice in wonderland......to to cute, have a peak

+ a few more images about alice in wonderland

+ my favourtie pic

have a wonderful wednesday and i hope you've enjoyed some fairytale pictures
lisa xx

images via here

Monday, September 26, 2011

what an experience.........

i'm back from nz and would you believe i made it to the birth.............while on the plane over my sister went into the hospital and i was hoping to make it, my hands were shaking checking in and while on the plane i was just buzzing......once in nz i went to bed at 11.00pm and got the call at 2.30am to make my way to the hospital......so i was there for the birth.....

i feel so privileged and honoured and to be perfectly honest it was one of the most amazing days of my life, being there for and with my sister and jayden and seeing this little miracle being born, it is totally amazing having a child but this was so so different and hard to explain..

its been over a week and i still feel like i'm on a high, they have 3 little girls darcee, leila and brooklyn and to add to the family a little boy called judah, my eyes still tear up when i think about that very special day, she did so well and jayden was amazing and their midwife shirley has been there for the birth of all four {thats pretty special}......the 3 girls were adorable as ever, i love all their different personalities and their thirst for life, i miss them all already

it's great being back with my boys but wow what a trip.......

i hope you all have had a great few weeks and here are a few extra photos of the day
and their cute complete family
the whole taylor family........too cool

have a wonderful monday and see you here wed for my madeit find
lisa xx

Monday, September 12, 2011

making a pav + off to nz

first thing this morning {zeke in pj's} we made a pavlova.....yummy i love them and they are so so easy to make.......
we have our favourite recipe from the good old nz edmonds cook book..........
and the finished result....can't wait to eat it, with cream and raspberries......
zeke was the perfect helper {happy to lick the beaters}......

+ i'm off to nz first thing tomorrow morning my sister is having her fourth baby yes i said fourth and i'm going to be at the birth eeekkkkk excited and nervous and can't wait to meet this new addition, so i'm hoping to do a post while i'm in nz lets see how i go, all have a great week and enjoy the moments that in-capture you
lisa xx

Friday, September 9, 2011

i'm a big kid now!!!!!!

i feel like a big kid now we are finally off the floor and we have a proper base for our bed {see before} our base came from the wonderful snooze store in mornington {they deliver free on the peninsula too} great service.....thanks sarah from snooze for your help, i was a little nervous as i've never owned one before and have only ever had slat beds.........what do you have???? have you ever thought about changing???
+ a little sneaky photo of zekky sleeping in his big boy bed
have a wonderful weekend and get some chillaxin time
lisa xx

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

madeit find : + spots

my madeit find this week are these very cool cufflinks from edan rose, i love the colour of the fabric and loving the spots....pop over and have a squizz

+ more spots

+ my favourite one this week is

i just adore freckles {yes i do have them}.........hope your all having a wonderful wednesday
do you have freckles???? if so do you like them???
lisa xx

images via here

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

new business venture : twice baked

is all about reusing, recycling and making handmade things out of previously treasured pieces from art to furniture, pillows + accessories anything to add style to your home, your life or simply add a splash of colour somewhere........you can view some of what we have on offer here

anyone who has been following ledamae for a while know's how much i enjoy doing diys and we've been doing it for ourselves see here buffet / trays / shelves / for sometime.....so it's been a natural progession doing things up and have been asked by numeours friends for help/advise so thought lets do some more things and sell them.....below is a set of two drawers we have done up and sold....
and i have to mention my greg is a very handy man to have, he always does an amazing job and does like things a wee bit more perfect than me {i do like imperfect art}.......
so these have been sold and left yesterday see below

queen anne sidetables one was white the other was white with blue underneath.....{loads of sanding}
we did them a satin black {so beautiful} would love to know your thoughts...........
what do you think?????
head over to twice baked and have a noisey and if you like {LIKE} hehehe
i'll do another post through the week to show you what else we have over at twice baked
have a great tuesday evening and thanks for stopping by lisa xx