Friday, September 9, 2011

i'm a big kid now!!!!!!

i feel like a big kid now we are finally off the floor and we have a proper base for our bed {see before} our base came from the wonderful snooze store in mornington {they deliver free on the peninsula too} great service.....thanks sarah from snooze for your help, i was a little nervous as i've never owned one before and have only ever had slat beds.........what do you have???? have you ever thought about changing???
+ a little sneaky photo of zekky sleeping in his big boy bed
have a wonderful weekend and get some chillaxin time
lisa xx


  1. love IT WELL DONE... your room looks gorgeous,doesn't it make you sad when you see your baby all grown up..awww his is so cute in his big bed xox

  2. LOVE IT! We have a slat bed that I hate and I think when we eventually build the bigger house we will get an ensemble like that, they just look great I think. Is that the Ikea daybed that Zekky has got? I was thinking about it for Will, is it good?

  3. Love your bedroom. The colors and cusions are gorgeous, but that mirror..... Sleep well and have a great weekend.(love the big boy bed)
    Rebecca x

  4. thanks lovely ladies.........the bed zeke is in j is fantastic, has three big drawers for storage, pulls out to be a double/queen and can use it as a couch.......smooch to you all lisa xx


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