Monday, February 14, 2011

point + shoot : my new BIG mirror

i had an exciting weekend i picked up my new mirror whoop whoop {i just love it} you could chose to have it metillic or painted white, i chose having it painted white once so it has an antique feel to it.....
i got it for a steel and hubb's loves it YAY, i've been wanting a big mirror for a while but never liked the price ticket.........
our weedend was jammed packed with socializing, wee bit tired but loved every minute......
hope you all had a fantastic weekend, if you'd like to see what others got up to go to point + shoot at fatmumslim
ps happy valentines day {anyone doing anything exciting today/tonight}
lisa xx


  1. Love the mirror Lisa and what a great way to display it. Happy Valentines day too! ;-)

  2. LOVE the mirror! It's gorgeous and so cool you could choose the finish!
    Happy V'day my dear,

  3. HUGE, that mirror is HUGE! Lucky girl Lisa!
    Have a brilliant day.

  4. It's fabulous, what a great size! I'd probably scare myself to death when I saw myself in the middle of the night!
    ps also love the Lavianni lamp. I have one as well and I keep forgetting to use it. So pretty!

  5. Lisa this Looks AMAZING!! that mirror effect what a great idea and the color scheme looks brilliant:) xx

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful! I've been looking for ideas for a headboard for ages!!!! Thanks for visiting me!

  7. Love it what a unique bed head :) Happy V Day to you too

  8. Oh, you have to share what bargain price you got it for and where from. I want one! I love your style. xx

  9. Oh that mirror is gorgeous! Love it.

  10. I love it Lisa & what a fantastic way to use it, your very clever...I have to say I am very jealous, I want one tooooo, LOL!!!

  11. Hey Lisa, just came across your blog, love it! And I love your bedroom, gorgeous and great idea with the mirror :)


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