Wednesday, February 9, 2011

silver trays + thanks "j"

the very lovely janette from "my sweet prints" mentioned me in her post yesterday {thanks "j"}
about a silver tray i sent her and how you can paint them see here, after seeing her post i thought i hadn't shared any of my ones, i started a little collection {but really how many do you need?????} hehehe

i do have three throughout the house at the moment, first one above is my white one i painted for $5.00 {trash n treasure} with jug/sugar/teaspoons/T2
this round tray i picked up for .50c {trash n treasure} and has pepper/pink flake salt {from the murray river}/measuring cups/vase
and my third tray i got for $2.50 {salvos} with candle/vase/tealight/photo of my beautiful niece georgia
do you have any silver trays at home and what do you have on them??????
i love seeing, hearing how others decorate etc.......
so thanks again "j" finally got around to sharing mine now, took these photos about 10min ago, ps loved your lampshade makeover if you want to know how to do it check it out here 
also {just a little by the way} janette was my first ever follower OH!!!!
have a great wednesday
lisa xx


  1. They are beautiful. I would never have thought to paint one, but it looks lovely on your bench with the contrast of colours.
    It's funny as I'd not seen one of these trays in years, and then recently they are starting to crop up. Jenny over at The Five Year Project has beautiful silver trays in her last couple of posts.
    What a bargain your third tray, and love the flowers and photo frame on it. Nice way to display items.

  2. How beautiful are they love them all and what a bargain price.. yous must me know where you go find all your treasures sometime:) enjoy your Wednesday lovelie xx

  3. Your trays are gorgeous and I love how you painted the first one white. I have a few sitting on my drawers beside the bed with jewellery and perfume. I have one in the bathroom too, oh and one in the guest bedroom. I think they look fabulous. Thanks for sharing yours Lisa. xx

  4. Hi Lisa, I think the painted tray is such a brilliant idea! I'm going home to find just the tray to paint. (I never was very good at keeping them silver! Mine are so tarnished.) Lovely to find your blog. Amanda xx

  5. They look fabulous Lisa, all of them! I don't own any but seeing yours makes me want to go out and source some :) I just adore your utensil holder.
    ps you asked about rocket - it is soooo easy to grow. It grows like a weed, quickly too!

  6. Ohhhhh.... you're so sweet Lisa dearest!
    I love seeing your trays! You make everything look tres chic and the white one is so cool with the handles. You've made me want to get more of them :)
    Thanks again, big hugs,


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