Friday, February 11, 2011

needyn + kea

my new nephew needyn {on the left} and niece kea {on the right} arn't they adorable?????
i got to meet them both at christmas and i can't believe how much they have grown since i saw them last, they are so cute and their mummy kate is doing so well {specially managing two} and it was so nice to see my brother in action as a daddy

i do find it interesting seeing my brother and sister as parents and can only imagine what it's like them seeing me as a mummy, time goes so fast it was only yesterday we were kids dreaming of being parents.......

my how time goes fast, here are a few more pics of the cuties with my brother and mumma kate photos were taken by the very talented nicola from snowdrops photography in nz
do you have twins in your family?????
have a great weekend, i look forward to hearing what you all got up too on mon
lisa xx


  1. Just Gorgeous Lisa! Isn't it amzing to see their personalities showing at such a young age. You must miss them a lot. At least it's not too far over the ditch.

  2. what beautiful names they have! they are precious!

  3. Oh look at them, little bundles of cheekiness and trouble (and love)! Have a good one Lisa!


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