Thursday, February 3, 2011

thankful 4

welcome to thursday......
i'd love to know your thoughts about this link?????
i've been blogging now for about 9 months, i love being in this little community {internationally} of people who insprie, share and help each other, with topics like

our children
our soul mates
fun in the sun
our thoughts
new creations
and so on

last year nov 2010 i was walking along the beach with little zekky i'm always on the lookout for broken glass {pick it up so no one else steps on it} i found some glass and all the edges were smooth, there were no sharp bits or rough bits.....
i started thinking about how long it had been in the sea, banged against rocks, roughed up by the get to where it was that day

i thought about myself and how THANKFUL i was for the people in my life that have helped me become the person i am today, {believe me it has taken years} through tears, laughter and out right annoying me it's chipped away at some of my exterior and helped build my character and i'm so so thankful.....

i've seen a few blogs with linky's and thought about starting one last year but decided not too {you know self doubt set in} then i thought well i can be thankful and maybe other's could/would share in what they were feeling thankful 4, so you are welcome and i'd love it if you would like to join in there are no rules, you can add pictures/words whatever you like of what you are feeling thankful for, so every thursday join me in being thankful 4 something/someone/anything

what are you thankful 4 today??????
lisa xx


  1. Oooo.... great idea Lisa! I will def take part next Thursday what a great idea! Jxx

  2. Sounds like a great idea Lisa - I'll have to try and remember to join in next Thursday x

  3. Today I was thankful that the creche was open so that I could do my Zumba class.
    But more seriously I am thankful that I haven't had to deal first-hand with any of the natural disasters around the country at the moment - just don't know how I would cope having to protect 4 very little children in times of dire!

  4. What a lovely idea Lisa, I'd love to join in. I'll try and link up next week! xx

  5. What a fantastic idea, sweetie:) Wish you a lovely weekend

  6. What a great idea, I will take part next Thursday. Gx


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