Thursday, February 17, 2011

thankful 4 : melbourne _ _ _!!!!!!

this week i'm so so thankful 4 the melbourne reroductive services, we had zeke {above} through ivf, he was our second attempt and i have to be honest and say it was such a positive experience, my doctor rachel knight was so calming and reassuring......everyone down to the receptionist were just wonderful, the ladies who took my bloods and scans where all cheering us on.....

i got a little choked up when getting blood test result {hubbs} said to the doctor "i just want to say thankyou for helping us get our son" {lump in my throat moment} i've been thinking about it alot as we will be starting the journey again this year, one of the quotes i held onto while trying last time was.....

faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see

so this is what i'm extremely thankful 4 this week, what have you been thankful 4 join in below and share with others, have a great thursday 
lisa xx


  1. thankyou for sharing this post - and I hope your journey this year is fruitful too :)
    Romana xx

  2. I totally understand your journey and your gratitude to the clinic who helped with your IVF having been through it before to have Grace - I fell pregnant with her on our second attempt too :)

  3. A huge journey to embark upon again...exciting and anxious all at the same time. Glad to hear your experience was so wonderful last time.
    X B

  4. thanks lovely ladies, wasn't sure weather or not to share it {but it's apart of my life} and i'm sure there are others in the same is a journey and its fun sharing it with others big smooch lisa xx

  5. it is a huge rollercoaster ride and one that we took to get our gorgeous Jasper. Lucky enough to happen first time for us and as my post today says, I'm thinking about taking the ride again. Hopefully we can both be successful this year xx

  6. I just came across your blog today, it's beautiful. Lovely post, and so worthy of your thankfulness. My partner and I will one day require IVF to have our family and hearing your story makes me more determined and positive. Thank you, and good luck for all that lies ahead xx


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